Hello Monday..

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Stacie does these posts occasionally and I always enjoy them… Quick, easy and fun!

Listening...to the radio.  Currently playing is Philip Phillips “Gone Gone Gone”.  I also love his new song “Raging Fire” but haven’t heard it on the radio yet.  I saw him play it live on American Idol.  He’s so Dave Matthews- Esque!  Love it.

Eating...finished my favorite chicken Caesar salad from Le Madeline.  Its my latest lunch addiction!

Drinking...Water.  Its my goal to drink 5 bottles of water at work a day!  I have 1 1/2 to go!    Did you know that you should be drinking half of your body weight in water ounces a day?  I think I’m a rare case where I actually drink more than that in a day from morning till night. 


a jersey black skirt, my Fergalicious flat shoes and a navy shirt.  Going for the whole black and blue look today.  Along with that, I’ve got my Silpada ring on, my New Balance watch for counting my steps/miles, and a necklace from Amy Cornwell that says INSPIRE.

Feeling...good.  Its been rainy here lately with storms that have been exciting.  I never want harm to anyone or major damage but I love the excitement of it all.  Sirens went off at our house last week and we may get more rain today.  Bring it on!

Needing...to get crackin’ on Easter plans! It really snuck up on me this year.  I don’t even have the theme decided…. “Theme”? Yes.. I like to have themes.  Last year It was chevron being incorporated but I’m not sure what I want this year.  I also need to get crackin on Mother’s Day ideas!! I think I have the place to eat narrowed down but gift ideas are always a key to start searching for sooner than later.  Check out this cute bunny I got for our front door—just needs some paint and a lil’ sass to brighten it up!  I won’t be hanging it by its ear for the final product.. Excited!

Wanting...time to get things done around the house. I also am ready for the days to feel longer.  Waking up when its still dark outside is really painful.  If it could brighten up a bit in the mornings, I might be able to talk myself into a morning jog or wog or brisk walk.

Thinking...about signing up to do a 5K randomly.  One of my friends does these occasionally and I figure the only way I might actually do one is spur of the moment.  I may hate myself for not being 100% charged up and trained for it, but you only live once.  My hope is that its fun and I have a lot of adrenaline pumping and want to keep doing them.

Enjoying...my Plexus journey so far.  I am anxious to see how my friends and family like it so that we can plow through this health thing together.  I’m also enjoying Football season for the spring and seeing how excited Ryan is to play and how proud Erik is while watching and cheering him on from the side lines.  I love watching Reese in her gymnastics class and how sweet she is with her baby sister.  Rayne is growing up too fast so I am trying to soak up as much as I can with her while she’s still my sweet little girl and before she hits the terrible 3’s. 

What are you up to Currently? 

I’ll leave ya with these pics of the kids when I took them to Cherry Berry this past weekend. 

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Sarah Shumate said...

We are definitely heading into the long days here. The sun is up before 6am and doesn't go down until 8pm. Last summer we only got 6 hours of darkness. Pretty weird, right? This is my first time living in a place with drastically dark winters and barely any nighttime in the summer!

BNM said...

Since the time changed I have not been able to adjust and it stinks!

I miss my morning runs but cant seem to get up.

I ran a 5k Friday that I didnt train for...my legs are still sore today LOL

Emmy said...

You totally should do a 5K, it was such an awesome feeling to finish one and know that I did it, me who once thought I was not a runner at all. By the way hi- I have been a horrible blogging friend, I keep thinking about you but finally getting over here to comment. I really need to be better at drinking more water.

Stacie said...

Love the bunny on the door and I am the world's worst water drinker.