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The Johanson Journey- Texans Flag Football
We have started up a new sport again!  If you have been keeping up with us and the kid’s activities, the last thing we were in was Karate.  We have tried a bunch of different sports but Ryan has either shown no interest or has gotten bored with it, which is what happened to Karate. 

We have thought about trying soccer again because a good number of his friends are playing soccer and love it.  We even considered trying basketball but missed the cut off for getting in when that was going on.  But this is the first time EVER that Ryan has asked to play a particular sport!  Right now, the local sport associations are only offering Flag Football for his age range so we signed up!! We also talked to two of our friends and got them to sign up too!! Sports are fun when you are with friends, right!?

The kids on the Texans team have caught on pretty quick.  They all seem to love the game and probably love hearing their parents on the side lines hootin’ and hollarin’ for them!  Here are some practice day pictures.

Reese and Rayne are sweet cheerleaders but their attention span is short, so thankfully they are able to go to the nearby park to pass the time.
Now on to game nights!!  I decided after the first game to come up with some sideline signs to keep up with the kids on the team.  They have t-shirt/jersey’s with only a number on it so it was hard to cheer for the kids who were holding the ball without knowing their names.
The other thing that I think is SUPER special about our Flag Football Team is that we actually have a set of cheerleaders for the boys!!  They are ADORABLE!!!  This first picture is of the girls giving the boys ‘Bubbles’ that say “Blow them away!  Go Texans” 
They have their own little chants and I just love having them there.  It really makes the games feel real!! I can’t wait till the girls are old enough to try cheerleading.  This particular group starts when the girls are in kinder.
Look closely at this picture below—its hard to see but that is Ryan holding the football on the far left in navy scoring a touchdown!  The little boy behind him is the fastest kid on the other team!! I was so proud!! You should have seen the look on Erik’s face!  He was beaming and so proud! 
Our personal cheerleaders have fun at the games and look forward to all the games coming up!  The little girl with Reese and Rayne is Avery.  She is the sister of one of Ryan’s best friends.  She happens to go to the same daycare with the girls so its perfect! 
Here are Ryan and his buddies Ethan and Bryce!


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Stacie said...

I think flag football is perfect for this age, since it isn't as structured as some other sports. Love the clapping hands that the girls have!

Emmy said...

That is so so cute! That sign you made is a great idea as yea, it is hard to cheer for the kids when you don't know their names.

And only in Texas would they already have cheerleaders for this young of a football team :) Texans do love football.