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Hey everyone! Remember me?  Phew! I needed a break from blogging for a little bit to get organized.  I’ve got a bunch of posts to share of what we’ve been up to but first.. I wanted to share my Plexus Story.

First of all, how did I hear about Plexus?  I was on Facebook checking in as I always do and have seen a few posts from my old high school friend talking about losing weight.  I saw some other people posting about it too but really didn’t know much about it.  People were posting pictures of before/after shots and sharing results of inches lost and weight.  So, I decided to ask the question… What is it!?  The fun part of my journey is it brought my old high school friend and I back together! We even met up to talk more about it.
I was very interested to understanding what this product as done for her and felt like she would steer me in the right direction without a lot of bull crap or pressure. I was skeptical.  She had some amazing results and over all felt better.  So bottom line, what I learned is:

Plexus Slim’s Product have been reported to:
 Help with weight loss
 Help to balance blood sugar
 Help to lower bad cholesterol
 Help maintain healthy blood pressure
 Help control the appetite and prevent food cravings
 Help strengthen will-power over poor food choices
 Help boost energy levels
 Help maintain long-term weight loss

Okay, you have my attention.  I desperately am seeking a way to boost my energy levels, especially since I’m at work 40+ hours a week sitting down.  I also wanted help with controlling my appetite and food cravings.  Turns out that cutting out mac n’cheese & donuts for my yearly goal turned into me replacing those with cookies, ice cream and other desserts.  All of the other stuff this product promotes was bonus.

I started off buying 2 samples from Jena because I didn’t want to commit to something that I didn’t know if I would like or not.  The sample came with the plexus pink drink + accelerator.   I got enough for 6 days and before the 6 days was up, I was calling Jena back asking how I can become an ambassador.  I wanted to try it all!! Sign me up!

Why be an ambassador?  First and foremost, I wanted to get the product for a discounted price.  Secondly, if I can help someone else get motivated to feel better and improve their lives, then I wanted that chance!  My friends are loving this, so I want to be apart of it!
I want to share my before and after some day soon and hope that I can inspire you to join me! Just look at these people! They are REAL PEOPLE!  Even guys are taking this and seeing results!

So far, I can tell you.. I feel better.  I do have more energy and feel a sense of motivation to do something to get summer ready!  I am sleeping better than I was and my cravings for cookies and ice cream has almost completely gone away.  They call those ‘non-scale victories’ which I will take any day!  I have lost 4lbs, but nothing as significant as the before/after’s you see above, but my day is coming! I know it!! 
Click the image below if you want to know more!  Start with me!
The Johanson Journey Plexus Challenge

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Troy said...

Great blog post! Thanks so much for sharing this great info on the Plexus Products!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

One of these days when my life stops making me want to throw up...I would love to learn more about this.

Stacie said...

I have a local gal that is always talking about Plexus on FB. Can the products be ordered through you and sent here or is this something that you need a local rep for?

Rachel said...

Everything for me comes down to cost...I have seen this before but really just want to know how much it costs!

Sounds like people are getting some amazing results.

Rachel said...

OK just looked...looks like 119-99 depending on preferred status. That just seems like an awful lot seeing as though that's a little less than half my family's grocery budget!