Hello Monday: Results Show

Just like American Idol or even the Voice show, we all like to see the results from week to week!  Its been a few weeks since I started using Plexus and figured I would share how its working for me! 

The past few weeks I have been really paying attention to what I am eating.  I have been waking up and having my Plexus Slim drink with Bio- Cleanse and starting my day off on the right foot.  Everyone who takes Plexus will tell you that you need to be drinking water throughout the day to see success.  This part wasn’t hard for me because I drink water all day anyway.  I am probably the rare case of loving water because I know its not the first drink most people would pick. 

Each morning on my way to work, I used to crave donuts.  Sad right?  I LOVE THEM.  I honestly have lost the craving for them.  The unfortunate part is that my poor Donut store lady is probably wondering what happened to me! 

At lunch, I made sure to always get a cookie or some kind of a dessert to snack on after and I have been satisfied with my lunch.  I can walk away from the Le Madeline cookie now without a 2nd glance.  This is huge!!

For dinner, I try to make better choices but this still appears to be my weak time of the day.  Hello, my name is Janette and I am ADDICTED to Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Spirals.  So I currently am telling myself that I have been good all day long and be okay to still eat my mac n’ cheese.  My hope is that over the next few weeks, I can break away from this addiction.  I made it a whole 31 days in January without it, so I know its possible.

The other significant change is I quit eating a huge bowl of ice-cream every night.  I have always had a sweet tooth for desserts but frankly am just not interested.  I am not sealing myself off from things I love, but I did decide that I’d rather have a 100 calorie snack instead. 

So what does all of this mean?  It means I’ve lost 6lbs.  I’ve been able to reduce my cravings for sugary things and with the help of Plexus, make better decisions throughout my day.

The next biggest thing is exercise.  Its not going to work without a little effort, right?  So, I got a new watch that I wear on my wrist to tell me how many steps I have taken during the day (goal is 10,000 a day) and feel more energy to go for a bike ride with my kids or take the long way around to get more steps in!  Check out my Sunday steps!! I was so excited!! IMG_7072[1]

I’m feeling great!  I would love to have you join me in getting healthy!  After the past few weeks, Erik has decided to do it with me!! YAY!!  I think getting healthy is a personal choice, but when you have a partner to do it with you, there’s more achievement to be had by you both!!

Happy Monday!  This is not a paid post or sponsored by anyone but ME! 
If you want more information to rock this journey with me, let me know!
The Johanson Journey Plexus Challenge

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Stacie said...

Diet soda is my trigger, I always feel like I need a snack when I have it. If there is no diet soda in the house, I will not snack in the evenings, so I guess that I need to start by breaking that habit.