Fun & Easy Classroom Craft

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As the Room Mom for Ryan’s Kindergarten class, I had a task to create a classroom craft that could be created and added to the School Auction.  The Auction was held online for bidding and available for the whole school to bid on.  This is our school’s way of raising money for our PTO.

I had a hard time trying to think of something that was ‘auction worthy’ and cute enough that parents would want it in their homes.  It had to be something that was lasting.  I got to looking around my own house and landed on a subway art piece that hangs in our kitchen.  It is a modge-podge of family words and things like ‘hug often’, ‘forgive quickly’.  So, this was the inspiration for our craft!
Fun and Easy Class Craft The Johanson Journey
I asked for the teacher to pull each child aside and have them answer this question:

“In my family, we have rules to make sure everyone is safe and happy.  At my house, my favorite rule is….”

Some of the kids had similar answers but some of them were just adorable.  My ultimate favorite was Kiana’s answer.  “We say “I love your guts!”’ So cute!

I bought the burlap covered canvas pre-painted white on the front from Hobby Lobby.  I used some stencils to paint “family rules” and found a cute label with a quote on it related to the theme of the art.  I added the burlap bow to hang the piece with and hand wrote each child’s rule.  Under each rule, I wrote the child’s name so it was a little more personal. 

I was so excited to see that someone bid on our craft!!  I think this is one that I would be proud to hang in my house.  Its pretty amazing the things that children remember and find important.  Although the kids didn’t write their rules themselves, I think having a personal touch of their personality was what shined through!


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Angie said...

Absolutely adorable idea!!

Sarah Shumate said...

Yay!! You're blogging again!!!

Stacie said...

I love this. Would be cool to do some sort of small version of the same question for your kids each year and make ornaments or a keepsake to see how they change. I would totally bid on this!