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Its been awhile since I’ve given any real updates about the kids so I thought I’d do a little round up of each of them to catch up a bit.  Today we’re checking out what Ryan has been up to!

Ryan got selected to be the “Star Student” for a week!  This is a fun week for kids chosen because it starts off that they share their posters that tells “All about me” and each day there is something he gets to do, like sit at the teachers table all day with a friend of his choice.  He was pretty proud!! We were too!
Ryan is always busy with birthday parties… which are great because he loves seeing his friends on the weekend!
Ryan has lost his 2nd tooth….. well, we had to get it pulled.  He asked me one day about teeth and how they grow in and if it was normal to have it poking out.  I was like—let me see!  His adult tooth was growing behind his baby tooth which means his baby tooth was not going to fall out on its own.  Just look at the root on that puppy!! Heebie Jeebies!! The good news is the dog didn’t eat this one, the tooth fairy got it!  Ryan was a trooper!!
The weather for most of February was pretty drab and super cold.  The morning crew finally have gotten back into riding their bikes to school!
We took the kids to the circus that came through this past weekend and aside from it being super cold and held outside, we had a blast!!  Here is Ryan grinning! Notice the missing bottom tooth!
This week is Spring Break here for the kiddos and my kids still have the same routine of going to the daycare.  Luckily Ryan was joined there with some of his buddies.  Bryce who is standing to his left has been his bestie since he was 12 weeks old… Ethan has the Under Armor black shirt on and is his buddy from school and the dude to his right is Roman… a friend he sees every day at the afterschool program.  Not sure who the guy is in front.  He just wanted to par-take in the picture.  IMG_6964
It finally is starting to look like Spring around here.  With the time change and the extra daylight after work and school, we grabbed the kiddos and headed to the park!  Ryan loves climbing this net to the top!  It was a great day to get out!

Tomorrow I’ll share the second R in the roundup, with Reese!

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Angie said...

Sounds like Ryan is one popular guy with all the birthday parties and hanging with friends. He sure is a cutie!!!

Sarah Shumate said...

Congrats to Ryan on the Star Student award, and losing that gigantic tooth! Yikes!

I liked reading your updates this morning - it sounds like you guys have been really busy, especially with parties! I did go ahead and change my profile back to Blogger so that I wouldn't be a no-reply anymore. :o)

Stacie said...

Love his Star Student poster! And that tooth root is crazy, never seen anything like it.