3R Round Up: Sibling Edition

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As I have been pulling pictures out of each of the kiddos for the Round ups, I have noticed I have quite a few pictures of the kids together.  I really feel lucky that my kids adore each other.  We have our moments of fighting over what tv shows we will watch or who gets the ipad, but for the most part, they’re super sweet to each other.  Here’s my Sibling Round up!

First I wanted to share the Valentine’s Day cards the kids gave to their friends.  I wanted to post this earlier but never got around to it.  I simply love these tiny little cards.  I am sure most parents get the easy throw away kind but I can’t help myself.  I’m a sucker for personalization!

We went out on a walk to the park and I got the girls to stop and smile for me.
When we went to Chuck-E Cheese for one of our many weekend parties, the girls were facinated with this sit down game that makes the chair move and gives you the feeling like you are riding a roller coaster.  The facial expressions cracked me up!!
Here was a few shots of the kiddos in the backyard.  I was trying to get them to all look at the camera (impossible) and ignore the sun in their eyes, but nonetheless, still sweet.IMG_6755IMG_6756
My step brother was in town briefly, so this is truly a vision of siblings in action.  Reese was super cooperative and giggling the whole time! 
And just some relaxin’ on the couch with Reese playing on the Ipad and Maverick “chillin” like the cat he was in a past life.
Lastly, some images I shared on Instagram, but sibling love at its finest.

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Stacie said...

They are so cute together. I have hardly any pictures of Elise and I together, not a camera fan myself, I have to do better.