3R Round Up: Reese

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Today we’re looking at a round up of what Reese has been up to since I took my little blogging break.  It’s a lot of the same as her brother.  Parties, Parties, Parties and the park!

For a few months now, Reese has been taking Gymnastics.  I really like this place we go because they ask parents not to come in the gym and basically wait out in the waiting room for them to finish.  I think this keeps them focused and of course, they don’t want us in there because it is distracting for the kiddos.  I snuck in to capture some pictures just to see how things were going.  I was impressed considering this is just a 3year old group.
And the parties… we go through many cycles where we have multiple parties in a weekend!  The fun part for us is getting new places to try out and test for our future birthday parties.. and bottom line, the kids LOVE IT!  She had a party at Build a Bear Workshop and came home with a Pink Hello Kitty.  Then went to a gym where she and Rayne have had their birthday parties before and to another Gymnastics place where she loved playing the sponge block pit!
We got to briefly see my Step Brother Jason.  Reese really fancies him and I think he loves her right back!!
As I shared in Ryan’s update, we went to the circus, and here is a small glimpse of Reese during the show!

And just to wrap things up… spending some much needed time at the park burning off some energy while the weather was amazing!
Catch up with you guys next week on Monday when we look back on Rayne!!

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Kenzie S said...

Looks like Reese has been having a lot of fun lately! How awesome that she is in a gymnastics class!

Stacie said...

She keeps you on the go! And her hair is getting so long!