3r round up: rayne

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Today is the last of the round ups featuring our youngest lil’ whipper snapper Rayne! 

Sweet little Rayne cracks me up.  She’s talking so much more lately and says the cutest things.  She has been busy with some of the same as Reese and Ryan with park play and parties too.
These sweet smiles make me laugh because she screams “CHEESE” with such emotion and I always seem to catch her mid- “eese”
We recently were invited to a party at Chuck-E Cheese where she had a blast!
She’s still at this age where she lets me take her pictures and these were taken in the backyard so that I could show off the Carter’s Brand outfit that we had just bought.  Maverick is always by herside so I was lucky to get one with her solo!
And speaking of Maverick, she absolutely adores him.  He loves her right back and enjoys the attention!IMG_6799IMG_6802
Sweet girl goes through these phases where she wants me to hold her at all times.  This is hard when I’m trying to make dinner or get things organized in the kitchen so I’ll set her on the counter near me and she can watch me work.  She happened to find her sunglasses on the counter and started to ham it up!
As I shared in the previous posts, here is a picture of Rayne enjoying the Circus.
Just look at this girl!! She is growing up so fast!! Makes me sad to see the days going so quickly!IMG_6941
She’s wanting to do her hair all by herself as well as many other things.  She is desperate for independence!  She wants to climb up on the bed by herself and if you even try to help, she climbs back down and starts the process over again so that she can prove she can do it all by herself!
She’s a spunky lil girl and she is so fun to watch!! That is.. when you can get her to slow down!
Ps. Currently obsessed with band-aids over boo’s boo’s that don’t exist.

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Kenzie S said...

She is too cute! Looks like she has been having a blast lately too! My son is super independent like that too :D

Stacie said...

So sweet, that girl. Her smile is contagious!