Best Teacher Gift Idea #2 {12 days of Christmas}

This is part 2 of my Teacher Gift Idea sharing.  If you want to read about my other idea you can refer to it below or HERE.  One idea is not better than the other, just merely wanted to share these 2 gift ideas separately to give enough detail. 

As I mentioned in my other post, we were trying to make Christmas and our Teacher’s Birthday separate but both equally as special.  Here is what I did.

I asked each parent in the class to send me a voluntary donation towards both gifts.  I wanted to take the pressure of the parents in the class from feeling like they had to run out and get our teacher a gift.  As the Room Mom, I was offering to do all the work for them.  No matter the turn out of donations, every child in the class was included.  It was a CLASS gift.  I had some that did not give but some parents gave more which sortof helped even it out.  Our class was doing a book exchange for the holiday party so this book idea was perfect!!  Once all the kids were given a book from their friends, we stopped and gave this book to the teacher.

I call this idea the 12 Days of Christmas.Thoughtful Teacher Gift Idea The Johanson Journey

The image shown above is exactly what our Teachers book looked like.  I thought about hand making her a book but this way seemed easier to me.  I created the front cover and back to match by using PicMonkey.  The “Impress your Teacher” part was not on the cover.  The book itself was made using Shutterfly.

I asked each of the parents to also send me a picture of their child.  I had taken pictures earlier in the year of the kids so if they didn’t all submit a picture, I still had a picture of every student. 

The first page of the book … (sorry it’s a bit fuzzy) says ”The Twelve days of Christmas” is a cumulative song, meaning that each were built on top of the previous verses.  There are twelve verses each describing a gift given by “my true love” on one of the twelve days of Christmas. …. and so forth until the last verse….
The next pages I am sure had Shutterfly wondering what I was doing.  I printed only text on the left side of the page, leaving the other side blank to later attach an envelope with a gift card in increasing value until the 12th day.  There were 24 pages of this, left side saying the day and right side blank.. like this example…
12 days of Christmas Book The Johanson Journey
The last few pages were also filled with pictures from the kids and wishing her a Merry Christmas.  I also snuck in and got the kids to each write their names on the left side of the book in silver sharpie marker so that it was more personalized.

Each gift card on the opposite page increased in value from the 1st day to the 12th day.  This book held every possible place she loves or wishes she had the money to shop in.

1st Day:  Lottery Tickets (scratch offs)
2nd Day:  Sonic Gift Card
3rd Day: Chick Fil-A Gift Card
4th Day: Chipotle Gift Card
5th Day: Starbucks Gift Card
6th Day: Amazon Gift Card
7th Day: Barnes & Noble Gift Card
8th Day: Movie Cinema Gift Card
9th Day: Visa Gift Card
10th Day: Target Gift Card
11th Day:  Hobby Lobby Gift Card
12th Day: Nordstroms Gift Card

She opened each envelope and read through the whole book with the kids during our party.  I am 100% sure this gift was LOVED!  The kids oooh’d and ahh’d as she pulled out each card sharing with the class what it was.  It was a lot of fun and she can hold on to the book for memory sake with the kids names and pictures. 

This would make a perfect gift honestly for anyone.  I think another great idea would be for someone’s birthday.  Making a book using their age and putting a gift card for every year.  You don’t have to go crazy, you can do $5 gift cards, the scratch off Lotto tickets are always fun and you could make your own gifts for each page, like a personalized card.  This is one of my favorite gifts EVER along with the Gift an Hour I did last year!


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Stacie said...

Oh, this turned out so good. I know that I would love to get that for sure!

Rhe Christine said...

I love coming up with creative ideas for my sons teachers. I think its a great little gesture for all they do. Great idea! So excited to be a part of your tribe!! Yay for SITS girls

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