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Best Teacher Gift Idea The Johanson Journey
Towards the end of 2013, as the holidays were fast approaching I took a look and noticed that Ryan’s Kindergarten teacher had a birthday 2 days before their Christmas Party.  I began to panic because I felt responsible as the Room Mom to get her the perfect gift and some how coordinate with all the other 18 parents and kids in the classroom to make both of these days special for our teacher. 

I called on my blog friend Stacie and great idea finder to help me figure out what to do.  She gave me two great ideas so I have to give her all the credit and I ran with them.  Today I am sharing the Birthday gift we got for her.  I’ll share the Christmas gift in another post.

They key here for me was making our Teacher’s birthday and Christmas two completely different gifts.  I am sure she has had a lifetime of her birthday and Christmas being blended together.

So the idea for the birthday was to get a personalized tote and fill it with her favorite things!  I found this chevron tote at KNK Throws on Etsy.  Our teacher’s favorite colors are blue and pink which is what we did for her letters on the monogram.

I got each of the kids to secretly sign this massive birthday card I got at
Hallmark. IMG_5902IMG_5903
Inside of the tote we got her…
A Wooden Sign that says “So many smiles start with you” from Hallmark.
A cute blue note set for her to keep at her desk as she likes sending home sweet notes when she is proud of the kids in the class.  This also came from Hallmark.
Every girl needs a fun and stylish scarf.  This one was grey and had a netting type material along with a very soft flowy material to make up this beautiful one we got her.  This should go with just about any outfit!  This came from Hallmark.  (are you seeing a trend?)
I spoke to one of her fellow coworkers asking her about her favorite flavors, mostly of cake but it lead me to this fantastic smelling candle of Pumpkin Latte that sortof reminded me of fresh cookies cooking for her to use at home.  Another item found at Hallmark.
One of her favorites she listed on her list was coffee mugs.  The newest trend these days includes chalkboards and this was a huge mug I got from Starbucks that she could write on herself with anything she wanted.  It was too cute that the label said You are the Greatest! 
So, all of this was wrapped up in her tote and finished off with some pink tissue.
On the day of her birthday, I went up to the school and brought her a half dozen of pink roses which she listed as one of her favorites in addition to a tower of Bundlet cakes for her to enjoy from Nothing Bundt Cakes and her favorite lunch from Rosa’s.

I pulled a few kids out of the class and gave them each 1 thing to carry in.  The principal happened to be nearby so I asked her to pose with the kids before they walked in to hand our sweet teacher her gifts.
One by one they walked in, first handing her the flowers, then her lunch and her drink to accompany the lunch, the ginormous card, her bundlet cake tower and finally her personalized tote full of her favorites.

The group picture of the kids with her is too darn cute!
She was so thrilled and overwhelmed and I am so lucky that I had such great participation from the parents who helped me raise the funds to make this happen.  I think it was the best birthday yet for this sweet teacher! 

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Stacie said...

I love how proud the little kiddos lined up with her gifts look. You did a great job!