The time Ryan lost his 1st tooth!

It was December 22, 2013 and Erik had just gone to the store and came back with a bag full of apples.  Erik had tried several times in the weeks leading up to this day to pull Ryan’s 1st wiggly tooth with no avail. 

Whoohooo!!!!  All it took was eating a hard apple!!  So, we did what any new tooth loosing parents would do, and put his tooth in a tiny dixie cup and cover it with saran wrap which really only sticks to itself and nothing else. 

Ryan proudly walked around the house and occasionally stopping by the mirror to see the new found hole. 
He sat back at the table next to his sister and wanted to show her his tooth.  My kids have not learned, no matter how many times this happens….. so Ryan leans over and lowers the dixie cup for Reese to have a peak inside. 

All of a sudden, Maverick comes over and thinks its food and taps the cup with his nose.  The cup falls to the ground, Ryan screams, the tooth rolls out of the cup and bounces on the ground.  Maverick sees something tiny and runs for it and slurps it up.  G-O-N-E.

So… you may be wondering if we ever got the tooth back.  The answer is No.  I did try.  Yes, I tried.  I waited for our dog to take a big poop in the backyard later that night with a flashlight on him the whole time to help me mark the spot.  I gathered it up with gloves and smeared it on the porch.  Erik looks at me like I’m crazy for doing it this way, because he said that I should have put it in a cup and swirled it around.  WHATEVER.  Its gone.  I tried.

Ryan wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter and left it on his dresser.  When he went up to bed he found his Tooth Fairy pillow sitting on his bed.  He was so surprised.  He was like “how did this get here!?”  I said that the Tooth Fairy knows all things teeth related and she probably brought it when she knew you lost it! 
He woke up the next morning to find a $2 bill folded up with Tooth Fairy dust!
Hopefully we can get a ziplock bag next time or just slide it into the slot on the pillow.  Fun memories!  I ordered the custom made tooth fairy pillows a few months back when I noticed other kids Ryan’s age were losing their teeth.  To also keep it the same for Reese and Rayne when they loose theirs, I got them each one too.   You can get yours from HERE.

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Nicole said...

Aw, poor Ryan but I learned long ago the tooth fairy still comes. I swallowed my first one :) ate it with a hotdog :) So see it's all good :)

Sarah Shumate said...

That is such a sad story!!! But I suppose the tooth fairy would have taken his tooth when she dropped off his money, so he wouldn't have been able to keep it anyway! I love the letter he wrote. :O)

Emmy said...

I told my husband about that when you posted on FB and I admit we laughed and laughed and kept saying what are the chances. It definitely makes for a memorable first tooth story :)

Stacie said...

He seems like he was such a big boy about it. Just so you know, when you posted this on IG, Mike and I had a discussion about whether we would dig through poo to find case you are wondering, I will be digging by myself.