#RE2013 Review Extravaganza Q4

And just like that, we’re at the final part of our yearly review, recapping October, November and December. 

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You can still join in this week and just recap the entire year.  This time you will have until Friday the 3rd to link up for this final review as this is a busy holiday week for all.
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Very fun time planning a work and neighborhood
Booing that worked out very well.
We had a very hard time finding the
perfect costume for Rayne but worked out in the end as it always does!
Halloween Composite
We got to visit our traditional
Pumpkin patch too!
It was a rather quiet month around here on the blog.  I did share a few pictures of the kids from our family picture outing and called it
“This Moment”…. just reflecting on the moment I want to treasure for all time.
The other highlight to November is the annual
Pinterest Party that I get to go to!  It was so amazing and I can’t wait for next years!
This month we have been doing all of our reviews, but in the middle I have answered a few
Christmas Q&A’s!
We also had a great visit with
Hope you all have had fun looking back over the year!  I’ll be sharing my predictions for 2014 in another post!

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Nicole said...

I'm still impressed by your Pumpkin patch and the pinterest party!

Kenzie S said...

Such fun posts that you shared! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun the past few months :) I love how the Santa pictures turned out!

Emmy said...

Love your Santa, he looks like the real deal.

Still jealous of your pinterest party, so fun!

Thanks so much for hosting with me again and all of your help.

Stacie said...

Still so jealous over that Pinterest party. Definitely need one of those around here.