#RE2013 Review Extravaganza Q3

Welcome to our 3rd week in the Review Extravaganza where I team up with a handful of other bloggers, including YOU to recap our year by quarters.  I’m eager to see how everyone’s year has turned out.  I am so excited to make it to the last week where we make predictions for next year!  This week we will be recapping July, August & September.  Grab a button and lets get started.
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**Remembering the local DJ which was well known around the USA who passed away.  We actually are finding out now that he had cancer and kept it from the show.  I gave blood and bought a shirt on his behalf for
Heart Felt Acts.

**I shared about our decision to get Reese’s ear’s pierced for her 3rd birthday!  It’s December now and she hasn’t changed them out yet-  she looks so cute with those rhinestones!
**July was a big month for Reese as she fell in love with our dear
neighbor Collin…and the kids were loving the water slide park!
This was an exciting time because Ryan was about to start Kindergarten.  We had a
send off for him:
And I wanted to remember the fun details of his life as he started..
I even had his
pictures taken with a gal with a school set up.
This must have been the time when I started to loose my blogging mojo.  I don’t know what got into me, but I just had nothing I could think of to say or share.
The only highlight from this month was when I got a
brand to work with me on a fashion post showcasing their products and did a pretty successful giveaway.  I love Peace Love World.
Looking forward to seeing your recap of Q3!

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Barbara said...

What a great recap! It looks like you had a great summer.

Kenzie S said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great summer! I love the pictures of the kids :)

Jennifer Hall said...

Earrings on your duaghter's little ears are so cute!

Losing blogging mojo scares me.

Emmy said...

I think a lot of people lose their blogging mojo at the end of summer/ beginning of fall. There is just so much going on with the new school year and let down of the end of the summer.

I hope you never stop though as I love your blog

Stacie said...

Love the pierced ears, I am so glad that we had Elises's done, they are just too cute!