Prehistoric creatures {Guest Post}

Prehistoric reptiles also known as dinosaurs existed in time of the Middle and Late Triassic Period. They were creatures of a subclass of reptiles called the Archosaurs, this group includes birds and crocodiles as well.

For the first time scientists started studying dinosaurs during the 820s and they discovered the bones of a massive reptile buried in the English countryside. The reptile was named Megalosaurus. In 1842, one of the Britain's leading paleontologists, Sir Richard Owen was the first who started to use the word dinosaur. Richard Owen had examined bones from three different creatures – Iguanadon, Megalosaurus and Hylaeosaurus. Each creature lived on Earth and was much bigger than any reptile at that time. By using this information, Richard Owen specified these dinosaurs as a special group of reptiles, which he named Dinosaurian. The Dinosaurian meaning consists of two ancient Greek's words deinos (terrible) and sauros (lizard).

Ever since, dinosaur fossils have been discovered all around the globe and studied by paleontologists to get more new and unique knowledge about many different types of these ancient creatures. Paleontologists divided the dinosaur group by two aspects: the bird-hipped and the lizard-hipped dinosaurs. Later, the dinosaurs have been split up into many genera and each was divided even into more species. Some dinosaurs had the possibility to walk on two legs, others walked on four legs, and some were able to use both walking positions. One of them moved rapidly while others were slower. Almost all kinds of dinosaurs were plant-eaters, but some were forced to hunt other species to survive.

At the time when the dinosaurs appeared, all continents were connected together and formed one huge land surrounded by the endless ocean. The land began to divide into different continents during the Early Jurassic Period, while all dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared during the Cretaceous Period; it is about 65 million years ago. Scientists have also discovered that a huge meteorite hit the Earth near 65 million years ago and nowadays the theory that the meteorite's fall caused the dinosaurs extinction is believed by paleontologists.
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Movie Poster

The new 3D movie about dinosaurs will let audience to see and feel unique kinds of these amazing reptiles and show the story off their life in incredibly colorful computer graphics. Walking with dinosaurs trailer is already available on official movie website and other video resources. It is the story about three baby dinosaurs, Patchi, Scowler, and Juniper, about the life in the herd and what difficulties are waiting on the way to their own adulthood. The filmmakers created very lifelike computer-animated dinosaurs and then combined them with live-action settings. All these used technologies will make the dinosaurs' world look so real on theatre screens. The commercial release of the new 3D movie is scheduled on 20th of December, 2013.

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