Predictions from 2012

Last year on the final day of the Review Extravaganza we asked everyone to make predictions for the upcoming year.  I thought it would be fun to look at them and give a little bit of detail on each to see if they came true or not.


Updates in Blue.

*We will have made a decision to have baby #4 or be happy with the 3 beautiful babies we have.
For now, we are happy with our 3 and got a puppy that I believe is worth 2 additional babies.

*We will have sold our land in McKinney

~for sale HERE! Please SOMEONE BUY IT!
Well, this did not happen.  We changed Realtors in October and for a brief moment, thought we had a buyer but apparently the husband and wife did not agree and its still for sale.  {grumble}

*We will have some resolution on my Popop’s intentions and closure as a family.
Well, I guess there is some closure.. you can read the final information HERE.

*We will get into a routine of working out and Erik and I will both lose 20lbs or more EACH.

*Erik will graduate with his Master’s while on the President’s List and have moved up in his position or found a better job.
Erik indeed got his Masters.  His job has changed slightly but there’s always room to grow!

*I will come up with a clever idea of how to open a store online.
Oh how I wish I could say yes… still a dream!

*I will have moved up in my job or find something better.
Same job, nothing has changed.

*Ryan will be thrilled and loving his first year in school in Kindergarten!
Hooray! He loves it! Having a blast and I’m the Room Mom which makes it more fun to be apart of it with him!

*Ryan will be closing in on his black belt in karate!
Ryan got bored with Karate, so we decided to take a break. 

*Reese will be taking dance classes or gymnastics.
Reese is taking gymnastics!! She loves it!! I can’t wait for Rayne to be old enough to go to the same place with her sister!

*Reese will be gaining her belts in karate and getting closer to a black belt!
When we made the decision to take a break with Ryan, we decided to take Reese out too.

*Rayne will be talking a lot more, outgrown her highchair and sleeping in a big girl bed by the close of the year!
Rayne has outgrown her highchair… and our new plan is to get her in a big girl bed early part of 2014!
*Rayne will be involved in classes with her sister in dance or at karate!
I intend to get Rayne signed up for Gymnastics with Reese but they don’t start till she turns 3. 

*I will meet another blog friend in real life.

bummer… I didn’t get to meet a new blog friend this year.  Maybe 2014 will be a better year!

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Stacie said...

You did pretty good! And you can always finish some of those next year!

Sarah Shumate said...

Didn't you meet Jessica from Forever And A Day this year???

You had some pretty lofty goals for this year and you still managed to complete a lot of them! Go Janette!!

Kenzie S said...

This is a really awesome post idea! Are you doing predictions again this year?

Emmy said...

Yes we will have to do the goals/ predictions again this year, I will tell everyone about it when I mail out the next linky code for this week.
I went and read the letter you wrote to Wells Fargo, the whole thing still makes me so sick and mad for you.

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I just love this and want to do it myself! !