our Visit with Santa 2013

This is such a fun time of year and my favorite is getting to take the kids to see Santa.  I have seen many people post pictures of their kids with Santa and I think we got lucky because each year we get the SAME Santa.  It really is cool to look at our pictures and Santa never changes. 

Here is how the visit with Santa usually happens…The past 2 years, they have had a phone number for you to text and they text you where you are in line so that you don’t have to wait.  This year they did things a bit differently and didn’t give you the number to text until you came to the place to get it.  When we went around noon, this is what the screen said:  6 HOURS and 45 MINUTES!!IMG_6009
The last 4 digits are people’s cell phone numbers to keep track.  Once you are ready to see the host, they text you to come get in line.  Luckily, we were able to get in a virtual line, go eat lunch, go home and take a nap and do other things while we waited. 
One of the items always outside of the place where Santa is… is this large mailbox for mailing letters to Santa.  We haven’t done this yet, but hope to in years to come when the kids are able to actually write them out.  The mouth of Santa is where you drop in your letter (hidden by Reese).
We arrived a bit early so we went to check out the tree in the area that had lights on it and songs playing… its was a bit cold, so Ryan wore his Daddy’s jacket.
So the short line to see Santa begins…
I snagged a picture before they caught me to tell me I’m not allowed to take pictures… I’m pretty thankful that the one shot I did get was clear and showing Santa welcoming them and saying hello.
Then we got this sweet picture of Rayne being kissed by Santa.IMG_6053
Here are the professional pictures we got… Rayne’s face is too funny. 

Good times and fun memories.  Ho ho ho!

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Nicole said...

That is pretty cool how they let you know you need to get in line. Beats standing there that 6hrs! Holy cow! In one of the earlier pictures it looks like you might have taken Rayne's paci away and she looks perturbed at you... lol. The kiddos are sooooo stinking cute!

Sarah Shumate said...

Over 6 hour wait?! He must be a popular Santa! He does look pretty authentic! Great pictures! I hope you guys had a very happy Christmas!!

Emmy said...

Glad you were able to reserve a spot as that is just an insane wait! Can you imagine how crazy the kids would be if they actually had to wait that long.