Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Ours was great and in a blink its gone! Time just flies by too quickly.  While the kids were off school and we were off work, we decided to go check out Six Flags Holiday in the Park.  It was a surprise for the kids and they were so excited when we told them we were going.  Ryan actually has been before as his buddy Bryce took him a few times around Halloween and went ahead and got him a season pass.  So, he got in free and because he was a seasons pass holder, he got to bring someone in for free with him…. Reese!  Rayne was free since she is 2, so this was a great deal!

Here is our trip out there through pictures!  First thing you see when you walk in is the Merry Go-Round
I loved seeing their faces when they saw all the big rollercoasters!  The next ride we hit was Judge Roy Scream!  This is probably the most tame rollercoaster to ride and Ryan was just tall enough to go.  I’m a huge chicken so I opted to stay and wait with the girls and wait for the boys to ride past us.
Can you see Erik waving? Third car from the back?  I can barely see Ryan’s lil’ head.  So cute. He had so much fun!IMG_5723IMG_5726
Next we went by the swings that the girls could ride.  Ryan said he was too big for this one so he just watched.
Another smaller ride was the hot-air balloon twirl ride.  I don’t have the stomach for the slightest heights or anything that spins so Erik took another one for the team and rode with the kids on this one.
Erik decided to sit this next ride out—I took the kids on the Mini Mine Train rollercoaster.  Waiting in line is the hardest part of Six Flags and it started to get dark while we waited.  The kids were real troopers!
By the time we got to the car to get in Rayne wanted to sit with Ryan.  So sweet.IMG_5744IMG_5745
We grabbed a bite… some hot chocolate……kids shared some sprite—for some reason no one but me was interested in the hot chocolate.
Our last stop was the Snow Hill.  I wish we could have done more but the lines are so long and it was getting really cold and windy.  Rayne wanted to be held the entire time too, so add sore legs and backs to the list of ailments for the night.
After the snow hill, we stood by the fire to warm up a bit before walking back to our car 18 miles away.  Hah… it just felt like forever because it was cold, dark and kids were getting tired and wanting to be held.  Thank goodness for the trolly!
We asked a stranger to take our picture.  I didn’t even notice until now but Ryan has his tongue sticking out in the picture! That lil’ rascal!  Talk about fuzzy! 
One final shot with the Bugs for good measure!  Rayne wanted nothing to do with him.  IMG_5760
Can’t wait to try this again next year—hey, maybe its another Johanson Tradition!!

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Nicole said...

Oh looks like you had a blast! Too bad you didn't know what my aunt looks like, she works there and you could have said hi :). haha. She's the one I told you that has a name very similar to yours :).

Kenzie S said...

Oh how fun! That is a great surprise for the kids :D It looks like you all had a great time! I sit out on the rides too, I have such a weak stomach when it comes to spinning or loop-de-loops. Ugh.

Sarah Shumate said...

Ooooh fun!!! All three of us love rides and roller coasters, but it's been a long time since we've been to a theme park. {Two years at Sea World and Disney will wear you out!!} I'm glad you guys had so much fun. Snow Hill looks really fun!!

Stacie said...

I love the snow area, so fun!

Emmy said...

Looks like it was fun! The lines are definitely the worst part. Eric and I were able to go to the Six Flags here on a night that was a corporate event and so it was closed just to those who were part of the company or friends of it, that was awesome! Very little wait time. I think in about 5 hours we went on 11 rides.