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#CONSTRUCTBOTS 2013 BEST TOY via The Johanson Journey

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We are huge fans of Transformers, not only the movies but the toys as you may recall our Transformer Themed Birthday party.   I have been strolling the toy aisles and checking out the toy magazines to prepare for the big day when Santa comes and the Construct Bots have been calling my name, or Ryan’s.

Have you seen these?  I have been tempted to buy every single one!  Each Transformers Construct-bots figure includes a robot frame and lots of armor, weapons and accessory parts to let kids construct an iconic Transformers character like OPTIMUS PRIME or BUMBLEBEE, they are all so cool! 
I was beside myself when I found out we were going to get one of these to test out and review!  I decided since its that time of year, that I would give some credit to our Elf on the Shelf, Chippy. 

The kids were getting their nightly baths and this was my chance.  I got the box that the Transformer Construct bot was in and wrote a message on it.  Ryan tends to dilly dally in the bath, so this was also a great way to get him to hurry up and get out because I just spotted a box from Chippy!
#ConstructBots The Johanson Journey Elf on the Shelf gift idea
Remember this was a surprise straight from the bath and just before bed, hence the reason Ryan is in shorts and no shirt.   To say he was surprised and excited is an understatement.  Even though it was addressed to the family, Ryan knew it was for him!
Chippy is known to do random fun things around the house for the kids.  He has never left a gift before Christmas so this was just another way to help remind the kids that the spirit of Christmas is real and we always need to remember the reason for the season.  It helps that this also encourages kids to be good! 
It was a late night, so we decided to start working on our gift the next night. 

Ryan really wanted to do this activity with his Dad.  I think this is probably the most fun part of being a Dad, so he can play with the toys too!
Ryan had fun getting all of the pieces into their spots in the tray and the best part of this tray is you have a place to store the pieces if you decide to take it apart and save it for later.  We are prone to losing parts because of cardboard boxes getting destroyed or not having a container at all!  HUGE Props for the organizing box it came in!
Another important note about these Construct-bots is all of the parts are interchangeable between all Transformer Construct-Bot figures (each sold separately), so kids can switch parts to create their own custom TRANSFORMERS characters. There's almost no limit to what kids can create!
Ryan had a blast with building his Soundwave Construct Bot!  The first mission was to build the Transformer and then see how quickly he could put it into a flying bot!  I think this is an excellent toy for kids Ryan’s age of 6 and up.  Ryan needed a little bit of assistance from his Dad but like I said, Erik was happy to play along. 
The best part of this whole thing was that Ryan was so proud of his creation and showing it to his friends who came over.  They all love trying to find each other’s elves and when they found out that our Elf brought this as a gift, they were blown away!  I have a feeling this is one the list of every boy in our neighborhood!  Hasbro really out did themselves with this toy and activity for kids.  I even went to the store and got one of these for our Angel for the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  I highly recommend this as a gift for your kiddo this Christmas! 

To learn more, check out TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT BOTS here: 
Hasbro on Twitter

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Modern Momma said...

Looks like the whole family had fun...cute pics! :) What a wonderful surprise from Chippy!

Amber said...

Looks like fun! Love the pictures!!

amber.m said...

Fin has some of these! He LOVES them! They're such a great toy!

Gloriously Made said...

My little boys would love these! I love your idea of making it an elf on the shelf surprise.

Emmy said...

How fun! Alex is my slow one in the shower, one time I got busy doing things and realized she was in there for 20 minutes!