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‘Johanson Unusual List of 5 Thanks for 2013’

Each year on this day, we all like to reflect on our family and blessings around us.  Thankful for the home we have, the company we keep and the food that nourishes us; lets not forget our health.  I thought I would go a different route and share my random Thankfulness as I remember over the course of the year.  Call these my unusual Thanks for 2013.

1.  First up is our beloved DVR.  I will share that we have had some minor set backs over the course of this year as our main unit died.  With the death of our DVR, we lost every tv movie and tv show that was recorded.  This seems minor but the DVR saves lives people!  So, we have built up another collection of recordings so that in a moments time, I can get DORA on pronto! You wanna watch a movie you didn’t’ finish—BAM! Done!  And most importantly, for recording the shows that keep me sane such as Mike & Molly, Sean Saves the World, Date Line and my newest favorite The Blacklist.

2.  Candy Crush…. now, before you all nod and say I KNOW!! I will share that I downloaded this game with the intentions of not letting anyone know.  I did not link it up to Facebook to keep my secret hidden….. until, 3 weeks of working on level 28 was about to kill me.  I got brave and went to Erik, the non-Facebooking spouse to explain how I could really use some help… just this one time.  In the span of 3 minutes, he had passed the level for me and gave me a look like “Really? Was it that hard!?”  Since then, Erik has downloaded it to his phone, become highly addicted and I have deleted it from my phone once he surpassed me in levels. 

3.  Most of you know we lost our sweet Mackie Mae back in April which was really sad since she was apart of our family for 11 years.  Since she departed us, I started to realize her absence….my kitchen floor has never looked more dirty in all of the years we have lived in this house.  Rayne always loved launching food over the table and Mackie would quickly mop it up and wait for the next round.  Any scraps left behind were consumed.  Mackie was a clean freak!  So, this leads me to my Thankfulness to our newest family member Maverick for picking up the slack.  It is rare that I will give this dog props for helping the family but I am thankful he has accepted this new cleaning position well.  I will not mention the countless shoes he has destroyed or furniture… after all, he’s still new to the Johanson home and still learning.

4.  I am thankful that we have accumulated so many boxes with an assortment of band aids to help cover real and fake boo boos throughout the year.  You can never have too many.  Sometimes a hug helps, sometimes being held helps but if you were to ask Rayne, she would just ask that you give her a band aid.  We have experienced countless crying episodes when its been 3 days and the water in the bath has slowly reduced the sticky factor and the band aid can no longer hold on…. that it is OKAY! We can solve this…. with another band aid. 

5.  Shellac nail polish.  Yes these sounds minor but… I tend to bite around my nails often out of habit and someone once told me to give Shellac a try.  This is the best polish EVER.  Not only do I get 2 weeks of glorious looking nails, but I get a reprieve from biting around them and the best part is…. when I am SUPER stressed out, I can get joy out of pealing it off as a stress reliever.  Best $35 spent for my sanity and professional look for 2 weeks out of the year.

So setting aside my random thanks… I am of course thankful for my sweet family and all of the fun stories they provide me with…memories of the past and so many more to share in the future!
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!

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Sarah Shumate said...

I love your list!! I'm thankful for a DVR, too! We used it so much more in the States, but I'm still glad we have one here, too. I would likely never watch TV without it. I don't do commercials anymore. :o) Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Match said...

Lol I am definitely thankful for my dvr too. I love being able to pause a show so I can run up and check on the baby. I also have fun bandaids, which match doesn't really appreciate. Try going to work with a pickle bandaid and not get teased. Heheh