Pre and post exercise snacks: What to eat around exercise {Guest Post}


With new Reebok trainers and snazzy gym outfit at the ready, you may feel geared up to work out. However, if you haven't prepared your body with the right food not only will you not get the most from your exercise but you could even harm yourself. Here are the best foods to eat before and after you exercise.


Myth: Not eating before a workout helps you burn fat.

Reality: False! You need to top up your energy stores for prime performance. Your body just works more efficiently when it's properly fuelled - and that means burning more calories throughout the course of your workout.

What to eat: Opt for a piece of whole-meal toast with fruit jam - the fruit will give you quick burst of energy, while the toast provides slow-releasing carbs. Avoid fatty foods that take longer to digest and can make exercise uncomfortable. A protein shake can be a great alternative for those on the go - just make sure you choose a formula that doesn't leave you feeling bloated. Give yourself at least 30 minutes between eating and exercising.


Myth: Eating right after exercise cancels out the calories you've burnt.

Reality: False! It's important to refuel your body at least 30 minutes after a workout. While you do need to create a caloric deficit to lose weight, don't forget that your body continues burning calories after a workout - especially if it involves strength training. Eating after a workout is also critical to help with muscle repair and strengthening, so that you recover properly for your next workout and gain lean muscle tone.

What to eat: Opt for a complete protein, like eggs, skinless chicken or turkey, and oily fish like salmon or tuna, containing the amino acids your body cannot produce on its own. Protein helps in muscle recovery and growth, and salmon contains protein molecules that help reduce inflammation to give your joints support. Vegetarians should remember to combine legumes with rice to form a complete protein. Combine proteins with carbs to restore depleted glycogen levels.

Follow these tips and you'll be fed, fuelled and raring to go.

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