Post Halloween Sugar High

The day after Halloween and the weeks after are always the hardest when it comes to sugar and candy in our house.  Here is our crew just before they began their journey around the neighborhood with their best buds. 
At some point along the way, one if not all of them want to make a pit stop to put their bucket down and review the candy they have accumulated.  I think it’s a rite of passage to open a piece or two as a way of strengthening up for the last of the leg of the treat hunt.

The girls gave up quickly after only about 30-45 minutes of trick or treating.  I think they just wanted to get home to start eating the rest of their loot!  Ryan continued on to the point where his pumpkin bucket was so full and heavy that another parent gave him a grocery bag to start moving the candy over to equalize his load. 

I have a pretty diverse crew with varying tastes in candy.  It was no surprise that they ate as much as they could before crashing into their pillows.  To say that their Blood Sugar Levels were off the charts is an understatement!  We let the girls try to work off their energy in our bed watching TV until it was officially time to go to sleep.  When we came back to get in our bed, there were candy Nerd’s all over the place. 

Ryan was the last to come home from trick or treating with his friends.  He first wanted to dump everything out on the table to scout out some candy to eat before going to bed.  When I took him up to his room with a Twizzler in his hand.. he asked me if he could have candy first thing in the morning.   I had to explain that there is only a certain period of time of the day when you can eat candy.  I know there are some people who can eat pizza for breakfast but I just can’t do it!  He wasn’t understanding my thought process that we need to wait to eat candy closer to lunch or maybe as a dessert after dinner.  I was trying to emphasize that candy is just a treat, and not a meal.  After this well spoken speech, he asks me if he could have candy after he eats his breakfast on his way to school.  Agh! Its hard to explain eating right to kids when their eyes get so big and excited to have candy!  Darn Willy Wonka!

The good news is I have found the best method to get rid of the candy!  I do like to keep a few pieces for the kids to have over the next few days but I really prefer to get it out.  Our local Pediatric Dentist asks the kids to bring their excess candy to his office.  The Dentist weighs the candy and for every pound you donate, he gives the children a $1.00!  I told Ryan about this and he was so excited.  He gets a lot of chocolate which he doesn’t like so this was an easy win for him!  I think he will get at least $2 today!  The dentist uses the candy to send to the troops overseas in his Operation Gratitude.  

High Fives to a great Halloween full of candy and fun and a great way to get rid of the candy so we can get back on track to our normal & healthy lifestyle…. that is until Thanksgiving hits.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the opinions are 100% my own.  This post is written in partnership with Accu-Check.

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Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Thereis a dentist in my area that does that too. Great idea! Abd your kiddos are so cute in their Halloween costumes!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, I love that the dentist does that! How awesome!

Stacie said...

I absolutely love that idea!

Kenzie S said...

It is definitely pretty hard explaining that you can't eat candy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Ha ha! Glad a fun time was had by all :D Such awesome costumes!

Mrs. Match said...

What an awesome dentist! That's a great idea. A friend told me to tell Wyatt about the "Halloween Fairy" where he gets to keep a few of his favorite pieces, and then give the rest to the Halloween Fairy, who gives them to all the needy boys and girls in the world and leaves behind a dollar. I think I'm going to try it!