Pinterest Party of 2013

This past weekend I got invited to the 3rd Annual Pinterest Party put on by my old high school friend Paige.  I missed the first year but luckily got on the invite list for 2012.  I was so excited that it was coming up again!!

Here is how it works…. you don’t want to miss these details.  Every year it seems to get better and better.  Paige sends out a notice of when the Party will be which has always been in the first weeks of November.  In order to be a shoe in for the invite list, you must submit a recipe ahead of time.  The recipe you send is what you are to make and bring the night of the party. 

Prior to the party, Paige does all the work to compile all of the fantastic and delicious recipes into a printed copy for each guest that comes.  Talk about ‘Hostess of the Year’—it gets better!  Each and every dish has a spot in her kitchen with a label so that it is organized by appetizers, main courses, sides and desserts.  I’m not afraid to say that I went through that line to taste test a few times through the night. 
Smores popcorn! Hello!! YUM!

In advance she also asks 2-3 people to come and present a craft DEMO which is not apart of the craft stations.  The demo is shown while everyone is snacking on the amazing food that everyone brought. 

There are stations that are set up based on pins from Pinterest.  I think the 1st year I was there, she had 5 or 6 stations and this year she had 10!  She goes out on the hunt for deals and steals of crafts that she provides and its mind blowing!  She also gives each person a print out for each station so you know what you are doing and how to make the craft!  Is she not UN-Flippin-BELIEVABLE!?!!?!

Before I carry on to the rest of the awesomeness of the night…. there is a jar that someone puts on her mantle before the party starts that the guests can contribute to help pay for some of the supplies.  We *think* that is what it is for, but in reality, Paige lets her kids come home from staying the night out to see how much money is in the jar and they decide as a family where to donate it.  SO SO SWEET! Talk about  hearts of gold.

Last year I signed up to be one of the craft demo people who shows a craft idea and wanted to do it again this year.  This year I showed everyone how easy it is to make a banner Advent calendar.  I even stuffed each sleeve with something for Paige and her family to do this year since I make a point to leave the craft for her to use for herself as a small token to say ‘Thanks for a great party’!  They looked something like this:
You can clip each sleeve on a line of twine and hang pretty much anywhere you want in your house. 
The other demo that was shown was an adorable hand print ornament which I will likely share another day as I hope to try it and show you the results.  Hate to give away too much now but trust me, its CUTE!

Before I forget…. when you first walk in, there is a table called “Favorite Things”. 

You are supposed to come prepared with your favorite things which is supposed to give the rest of the guests an idea of some fun gifts for this seasons upcoming shopping.  Last year I forgot to do this and this year I had 2 things to share.  ‘They’re Real’ Mascara which I know sounds cheesy but its become my new favorite and know all girls are looking for mascara recommendations.  Great stocking stuffer? 

I also shared a piece of jewelry from Amy Cornwell.

Everything about this party is timed and organized.  She prints a schedule of what happens for the entire night to stay on track.  We begin at 5:30 and the party continues long after I leave at nearly 10 because my bedtime is actually at 9, and I was really pushing it to stay awake because I didn’t want to miss out on these fun stations!

The first station I hit up was the canvas.  This was actually a very open and free style station.  You could modge podge your favorite image on it, put vinyl lettering on it…. so I decided to make this..
I put a vinyl of Texas on the canvas and painted over it in black.  I later pulled the Texas off and applied a cute little heart to show home and asked for the words ‘home’ to be cut so I could add them.  I put a lil’ rhinestone on the heart too for sassy purposes.  Very fun station!  The vinyl Paige must have gone through to print out for all of the girls and our random requests I think sent her into Vinyl therapy.  It was SO popular for many other crafts that I think she may have banned it for next year because it was so consuming.  BUT!!! Job well done.   Couldn’t have asked for a better craft! 

Another side note, there were a handful of gals that are close with Paige who helped her with a lot and they deserve some credit for the late night vinyl requests and shopping help.  Amazing job.

So the next station I wanted to hit was the chalkboard chargers.  I think this is such a cute and clever idea.  This would be fun for gifts and I might even try to make some for Thanksgiving.  So cute!  She had all colors and all you had to do was paint the center as evenly and round as you could.  I think some girls even did some glue on the outer rim and put glitter on it.  I guess you can do pretty much anything!
The third station I wanted to get to was the stone magnets.  I honestly can’t figure out which of these crafts I loved more.  I thought this was fun and easy!  Using clear stones, we cut out with circle punches any style of scrapbook paper we wanted and glued it on the flat side.  Giving it a little time to dry, we added the magnet and cut the paper down around the edges and VOILA!  ADORABLE!! So much so that I came home and wanted to make more!
The other stations included making wire Christmas trees, making a card holder for Christmas cards, making elastic hair band ties, custom tiles to be made into coasters and two other stations that I can’t even remember off the top of my head.  These three stations I made were my favorite.  The best part is you get to sit with a group of ladies and talk through the process, get ideas, offer and take tips and laugh.

The last part of the party is very important.  We make predictions for the following year.  Its quite funny to read them.  Some people are predicting personal things like pregnancy, finding a guy, selling a home, while others are making fun of Kim Kardashian and whether she’ll be single or married.  I think there was a prediction in there about Brad and Angelina being divorced.  So, out of the 40 or so women that attend, we only had 2 predictions come true from this past year. 

It was a blast!  I don’t want to forget to mention my partner in crime, Kristi who attends with me each year.  We have decided this is the ultimate and BEST party to be invited to and can’t wait for next years!
Thanks for another great year!  Paige, you always out do yourself and it’s a blast!! xoxo

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Sarah Shumate said...

Wow, this girl is a true party planner! I love the Texas canvas you went home with. I want one for Tennessee with a heart on Nashville! So what dish did you bring to the party?

P.S. I've missed talking with you via email lately.

Emmy said...

That looks like so much fun!! She does a great job.
Love your canvas you made, seriously it is perfect!!

I want to do something like that with my friends.. though I want someone else to do all the hard work ;)

Stacie said...

Why do I have to live in a small town where there is nothing fun like this? Looks awesome!

Nicole said...

So I've tried the magnets before and they didn't work. Sooo jealous! Then... love the Texas canvas. I want one :). And.... those rings. enough said. Plus (haha) I so want to make one of those chargers. Seems easy enough since I've made my own chalk board before.