Inside scoop: Black Friday 2013

EEK!! Its almost that time again for Black Friday!  Last year was my very first time to ever go and I am not sure it really counts as a hard core Black Friday shopper.  I talked my Dad into going with me after dinner, around 8pm to the Wal-mart by our house.  We were in and out of there in an hour.  We got a few things but I didn’t feel that huge “I SAVED A BUNDLE” feeling.  It was my first time to see what I hear about on the news each year though.  There were huge spaces set up throughout the store with saran wrap and about 80 people circled up around it, waiting for the employee to come by and cut it off and it was like watching the attack of the zombies.  I remember looking back and wondering, “My GOSH! What in the hell was it!?” I still am not sure but it was a war.

I am still fascinated by the idea of Black Friday and for the past few years, I have tried to talk friends into going with me and am not sure if I will go again this year.  I do know that there are some amazing sites that are set up to help you with your outing if you choose to take on the challenge of battling the shopping zombies!

So, I have been doing some research and found that has put together a Most Wanted List!  I could have used this last year!  They asked more than 5,000 people to help them with a survey to come up with this list. 
Black Friday 2013 Most Wanted Items

They are also giving away each of these items in their Black Friday sweepstakes, so check out the top Black Friday sales and deals and ENTER today!  Here is a peek at the most wanted & items included in the giveaway!  SIGN ME UP!!
Black Friday 2013 Infographic

So tell me, what is on your list for Black Friday?  I think ultimately I am just on the mad hunt for kid deals on great toys and learning tools for them.  I also love finding the fun stocking stuffer ideas too!! Leave me your tips if you have any or ideas for a successful Black Friday.

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Stacie said...

I gave up the madness last year and shopped online...I didn't miss it at all!

Sarah Shumate said...

My dad LOVES going Black Friday shopping. I've gone with him for years, but obviously won't get to this time. :o( I do plan on shopping online and having it all sent to my father-in-laws house, though! Then we'll pick it up at Christmas!

Emmy said...

Funny that a jacket is number 1. I have only gone Black Friday shopping once; found one thing I wanted, saw how long the line was then put it back and said it wasn't worth it.