Hello Monday! Hello Fall!

The leaves are changing a lot more now that the temps are cooling down and more rain has been dancing over us.  I was just looking back at some of the pictures I took of the kiddos one weekend recently when Erik was away at Army.  We have this neighborhood behind us called Tucker Hill.  I love that name and have driven through there a few times.  The downside to this subdivision is that the homes are so close together which gives you literally zero space or privacy. 

Tucker Hill was putting on a small free Pumpkin fair fit with a small hay maze, cute little photo spots and a Dj helping to bring the kids out to do cake walks and hoola hoop games.  The money spent on pumpkins and baked goods went to charity.  Since it was so close, we decided to go.  I took a bunch of pictures so this is more of a picture party.  I’m also linking up with Lisa Leonard’s Blog for her Hello Monday Series.

There was a simple black tub of corn that the kids were drawn to… amazing how entertaining it can be!  We also caught a ride on their hayride through the neighborhood!
This is the house that I thought I could see myself living in… beautiful! Something about the black and white is attractive!  It has a very elegant and classic feel! 
They had fun at the hay maze—mainly to walk on it.  I love that Reese is working her pose so hard! She cracks me up!
They had a cute set up that looked like a big pie with baby pumpkins in it.  There was a sign pointing to the pie that said “Pumpkin Pie” which I think was mostly created for babies to lay in it but it didn’t stop us from climbing in to get a picture!
More photo ops with this cute little house and pretend guitar to rock in the chair playing!
I think we hit a rough patch along the way because pictures started to look like this……
How about we hit the park?  They had one near by that we decided to go check out!
The other side of the park had a plush green hill that the kids decided to roll down… do you see the cutness in the homes behind them!? Just a tad too close to each other.
Then I said, “Okay guys! Just one more spot to go check out!”  There is a beautiful fountain that I’ve heard people talking about for family pictures.  I wanted to see what the huh-ub was about. 

“Okay, ya’ll go stand up there and I”ll take your picture!”  Look this way!
”Ya’ll seriously, look this way, PLEASE!”  I give up. Reese was the only one trying to strike a pose in the pictures.
So the finale was just getting a few candid sister shots while Ryan ran around the edge…
Just love Rayne’s lil’ face! She’s caught on to my habit of chewing my cheeks.  I wish they would stop growing up!

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Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Omg I so wish we lived close. Your family is adorable! !

Hannah Brooker said...

So many lovely pictures! I love the pumpkin set up what a wonderful idea x

Sarah Shumate said...

Oh that house!!! Can I live in it with you?! I could so see myself living in it, too, but only if it were on 50+ acres of land. I'm not a fan of being able to look into my next door neighbor's shower. Unless my next door neighbor looks like Bradley Cooper. I'd make an exception there. ;o)

Nicole said...

I swear, you all have the best places to go.

Kenzie S said...

Wow! What a gorgeous neighborhood!! So fun that they throw a pumpkin fair. Looks like the kids had a blast :D I love that white and black house! It looks very elegant, and I definitely wouldn't mind living there!

Mrs. Match said...

What a fun fall outing! lol, I love the giant pie. Reese is definitely working that pose in the stacks. I love that house, especially the big porch. I could see myself living there too!

Stacie said...

Love the pie pics!

Emmy said...

Looks like such a great day! I love that giant spoon, that is awesome. Love the rough patch picture, as yep that is real life sometimes :)

That white house is beautiful, I think I could be happy living there too :)