Tick-Tock, Time to get organized!

It is mid October and I am seeing people commenting about how early it is for stores to be stocking their shelves with Christmas décor.  There are some stores that have been displaying Christmas for a few weeks now and it has never really bothered me.  I personally like to get a leg up on the upcoming trends and ideas because it never fails that it’s the last few days before the holidays and I can’t find anything at the stores that I need.   One of my friends posted on Facebook that there are only 9 WEDNESDAYS left before Christmas
Yes, I know we haven’t even had Halloween yet, or Thanksgiving but putting into weeks until the holiday is here sort-of has me stressing out a bit.  The good news is that I have 9 weeks to get organized!  I encourage you to get started too.  I promised several of my blog friends that I would wait to discuss Christmas later in the year since last year I started talking about it in June.  I think its fair to say--- ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!
Here is what I have on my list to check off to keep me on track!! You can find a lot of great ideas on Pinterest for Holiday Organizing.  I love this one HERE.
5 Ways to Organize your Holidays per The Johanson Journey
1.  Create a list of those you plan to buy gifts for and come up with a budget for each.  Start setting aside some extra money to put in an envelope to help you save up and stay on budget when you go shopping!
2.  Keep a calendar on your refrigerator or in another easily visible spot to keep up with all of the events you are taking part in.  School parties, family gatherings and give yourself a few days off too!! Seeing it all listed on a calendar will hopefully help you to manage your time better and keep yourself from over doing it.
3.  Every year I say that I am going to get more organized. My garage is a mess, our attic is a disaster and there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. Make a point to organize yourself so that future holidays are less stressful. You could re-organize your house so that all holiday decorations are easy to store and find or get an external storage spot for you to keep it simple, safe and sound. Each year I collect more storage bins to help me with keeping my holiday decorations together vs. scattered all over the house. Pretty soon, I am going to have the most clean and organized holiday spot!
4.  Buy early and be excited that Holiday items are already being put out on the shelves.  I know we all say “WHY!!!!??”…when its not even the end of summer we are seeing Halloween already out, or Thanksgiving.  My advice is stock up on a few things here and there because if you don’t, you are left scrambling trying to find it and will be stressed out because you wish you had bought it when you saw it being displayed several weeks earlier.  People may laugh and make fun, but it will be you that can point the finger and laugh later because you are already prepared!
5.  This is my most favorite tip for being organized.  We have a large family and we wrap a lot of presents each year.  I always talk about having a theme and I think it is the most important part of staying organized.  Since we wrap gifts for several different people, I plan to wrap gifts by family.  One might get all green wrapped gifts, another will get all red.  This way, when I am digging out gifts under the tree, I can spot the right ones fast and easy! 
What are your best organizing tips for the holidays.  Don’t let them sneak up on you! Get prepared!
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Kenzie S said...

That is so crazy that there are only 9 more Wednesdays until Christmas! That makes it seem SO close. I can't believe how time flies!
Love the organizational ideas :D

Sarah Shumate said...

I love the idea of wrapping entire families gifts in the same color! When we used to buy gifts at Christmas, that was so us...scrambling under the tree, late for the party because I was having to check each and every tag to make sure we didn't leave any gifts at home!

Nicole said...

I saw on facebook this morning (posted yesterday) 64 days until Christmas but dang, you just made me choke when I saw the Wednesdays thing. YIKES!