RAYNE-BOW Themed Party: Turning 2!

Our sweet baby girl Rayne celebrated her 2nd birthday mid September and I have been meaning to post the details of the party.  Enjoy!
Our sweet baby girl woke up to candles in her favorite donuts on her 2nd birthday this year.  Its so sweet to hear her say “I’m 2!”

This year we decided to use the same venue that we did last year for Reese.  The Little Gym seems to be the best at catering to children Rayne’s age and keeping them entertained and busy.  I also figure this is the last year that I will have control over the theme so I wanted to use the twist on Rainbow and have a Rayne-bow-themed party.  My first hunt was to find the perfect invitation to capture the vision I had for the party.

I found Silver Line Design Team on Etsy and found the ONE!!  I simply loved the color, font and especially loved the ease of working with Megan to create an invite that was special for our girl.
Have I mentioned my obsession with Chevron?  Well I loved the chevron look and that became my mission to create a Rayne-bow Chevron Party!
Rayne-Bow Chevron Party
I saw a few ideas online about making a banner for Rayne’s party and decided to try it myself.  I bought a few colorful Rayne-bow styled prints and some solids and cut them to create a material style banner.  I thought an added touch would be to hang her name from it as well! 
Unfortunately, all my time and effort in making this beautiful banner was for nothing at least at her party.  I envisioned it hanging above the cake table to dress up the room but the command hooks would not hold it up.  BUMMER!! The good news is that it makes for a cute wall decoration in her bedroom so it wasn’t a total loss.
On to more of the party details!
My go-to Etsy BFF Cassie from
Cookie Coterie made these beautiful cookies that I gave in the favor bags that I got from Little Bean Boutique:
Other items in the favor bags were these adorable candy boxes that I bought from Pick Your Plum and filled them with 3 smarties.
and each bag also had 2 small tubs of play-dough and rainbow chalk sticks.   I made my own labels to stick on the favor bags which were assorted colors too.
Next up was her dress.  I have seen Instagram Feeds of people talking about SheSheMade Designs and began following her and her work so I was very excited to work with her for Rayne’s dress!  Talk about the perfect match!!!
Last bit of custom detail was the cake.  I have been using Hand Made Designs for 6 years for birthdays and other various holidays so I told Michelle about my vision and she never fails me…. we got a gorgeous cake and themed cupcakes!

Now some of the fun moments from her party!
IMG_4113IMG_4122IMG_4156IMG_4157IMG_4169IMG_4224Rayne Bday 2013 031Rayne Bday 2013 039IMG_4241
Great Party!!
Rayne Bow 2nd Birthday Party The Johanson Journey


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Mrs. Match said...

It seems like just yesterday you were planning her first birthday! I love how well her dress matched the rainbow theme. Happy belated birthday sweet little birthday twin! :-) looks like a fun time was had by all! You did a great job with all the little details. I will definitely be getting party advice from you when piglet turns 1!

Sarah Shumate said...

Janette, you are in the WRONG line of work. You need to be party-planning! This party is incredible, down to every single little detail! Rayne will be able to look back at these pictures and know she had the coolest party of any 2-year-old at the daycare! ;o)

Stacie said...

Eeek, I love it all. Isn't party planning so much fun? E's 1st birthday party is this weekend!

Nicole said...

So awesome! I swear, you should be a party planner! You'll plan my next event! :)

Angie said...

Oh gosh, too cute! I LOVE that banner. I'm so glad your getting to use it. I bet it's adorable in her room. Such a great theme idea and that venue looks like it would be awesome for kids!

Kenzie S said...

What an awesome party! I love the theme and how everything coordinated so well :D Such fun pictures too!

Emmy said...

That dress is so cute! Love all of your details, you do so good at planning parties. So nice to have it somewhere other than your home too as you don't have a mess to clean up!

Mason's Mama said...

What a great party theme! Too precious. I love the garland.