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Lately I have noticed that my Alma mater has been in the news for two reasons. One is because our Red Raiders are ranked 4th in the Big 12 Football Conference and secondly because we have one of the most good looking Football coaches in the league. 

I was never one to really follow along with the football schedule or how well we were doing at the time, although the Coach is pretty nice to look at and seriously, he looks like Ryan Gosling, right!?!?

Okay, I digress.. What it got me thinking about was growing up, I really didn’t have a mind set for where I dreamed to go to school.  I hate to admit that it wasn’t until my high school friends were talking about where they were applying that I had a quick dose of reality smack me in the face.  I had not even thought of where I would go!  I am ashamed to even say that but it got my butt in gear to figure out where to apply. 

Cue second dose of reality, “What did I want to be when I grew up"?”  At the time, I honestly just wanted to be with my friends.  I applied to the same schools they did and hoped that we would end up together, sharing a dorm room and growing old together as the longest standing Best Friends Ever!  I remember my Dad suggesting that I check out other schools and maybe even consider going abroad to Macquarie University in Australia or perhaps some schools in England.  The mere thought of dropping my life in the USA and jumping the pond alone was never gonna happen!  I know as he reads this now, he is shaking his head because I am about to admit that he was right! I should have checked out the opportunities abroad and expanded my horizons. 

The truth is, I just quickly picked a school and ran.  I didn’t really look to see the kinds of programs they had or if they were a good fit for me.  I am sure that is why I changed my major at least 6 times.  I think at one point, I was going for a Bachelors of Science but then moved to the possibility of being a Journalist in the Mass Communications department.  I even remember dabbling in Education and working with kids in the schools near the college.  I ended up getting an English degree with a minor in Sociology. 

I do have regrets about not taking heed to my Dad’s advice.  I also regret that I thought my social life was more important.  Looking over the course of my life, I have only been abroad once to Italy and Turkey and could have seen and done so much more.  It was one of life’s lessons.

So… you live and learn.  Now I can help shape my children’s future with my mistakes and start talking to them about the dreams earlier and trying to help them find the place that suits them best to help cultivate their passions and talents.    I will be excited to see what they decide and what they think when they look back on their choices.  I will encourage them as much as possible to think outside of the box. 

Maybe one of my kiddo’s will be a fellow Red Raider.. or maybe a Longhorn!  Maybe they’ll be rooting along side a Mascot from Australia! I’m excited to find out! How did you decide on the school you went to?  Any regrets?

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the opinions are 100% my own.  This post is written in partnership with Macquarie University  .

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Beth Carter said...

My daughter is a recent Tech graduate. I got her the T shirt that says, My coach is hotter then yours, for Christmas last year.