Happy Halloween {2013}

I love this time of year! We are getting closer to all the fun holidays.  I try to plan a tad early for Halloween costumes so that we are ready and prepared for the school parades and pictures leading up to the day.

This year was a tad difficult.  Ryan told me at first that he wanted to be the Green Lantern.  It didn’t stick too long though, because I found a Transformer’s Bumblebee costume that he quickly changed to and I am glad.. the green lantern didn’t seem as cool as a Transformer!
Product ImageProduct Image
Then there was Reese.  She had it set in her head that she wanted to be Batgirl from the beginning.  I thought it sounded cute and she hasn’t deviated from that decision.
Batgirl Toddler Halloween Costume
And finally… the most difficult of the bunch… Rayne.  She really can’t speak her mind about what she wants to be.. so I decided to pick something out for her.   First I started with the Rainbow princess with the light up dress! 
Product Image
Lets just say she HATED IT and it didn’t light up either…. so I took it back.  I found another costume that I thought might be better—the first one she claims HURT!  So by getting this Lil’ cupcake, I figure the tights that go under the dress would help if the material was the problem.   
Strike 2!  I had bought a 3rd costume for her to try on but she refused to even get it out of the bag.  It was a bumblebee princess.  I also let her try on Reese’s costume to see if that would be better and she hated that as well.  I was getting to the point of sending her out as “Rayne” and calling it a day.
Erik and I went shopping and found a costume that we agreed would be cute—so we crossed our fingers and she actually let us try it on her.  Crisis over! Thank goodness!

It is a tradition to get the kids pictures taken for Halloween so we can look back on years past and smile.  Here’s hoping your Halloween is stress-free and full of fun and candy!!

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Stacie said...

That's a good looking bunch!

Nicole said...

Your kiddos are soooooo cute!

Kenzie S said...

Glad you were able to find a costume that she liked! Such cute costumes :D
Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween!

Sarah Shumate said...

I suppose nothing can ever just be easy, huh? :o) At least everything worked out in the end. The kids look great! I hope ya'll had a good time last night!

Erin Byers said...

Glad you were able to find a costume that she liked! Such cute costumes...