Halloween Boo’ing

I love surprises.  I love reasons to surprise other people.  I got to reading about ideas for Halloween and getting in the spirit of things and ran across an idea about Boo’ing your neighbors.  I thought this would be fun to do in my neighborhood!! I just started this today with less than 10 days before Halloween and am hoping it takes off. 

The idea is to find something you can give your neighbors as a treat.  In my case, I had some left over candy boxes that I had ordered from Pick Your Plum in an orange chevron print which was perfect for this idea.  I decided to fill my boxes with some Halloween candy.  I used mini candies to fill the box but you can do anything you want!! I read about some people leaving cupcakes and some talked about leaving gift cards.   I just happened to have some candy from our recent trip to Sam’s to prepare for the big night.  In addition to the chocolate candy shown, I also threw in some skittles and starbursts.
I wanted to come up with my own design for the display sign and also for the directions as you see here… Feel free to copy/save them to print and use yourself.  I also made some for work so we could spread some cheer through the office place!  The “We’ve” been booed are for your neighbors and the “I’ve” are for individuals at work or school.
We've Been Booed Sign The Johanson JourneyNeighborhood Directions You've been BOOED  The Johanson JourneyI've Been Boo'dI've been BOOED! Directions
I decided to kick start my Boo’ing with 4 neighborhood friends.  I rolled the ‘We’ve Been Booed’ sign up with the Directions into a scroll and tied a ribbon around it to stick in the handle of my candy boxes.

I was nervous on when the right time of day would be to do this.  I decided to leave them on their porch in the morning in hopes they would find it by the time they came home for the day.  *fingers crossed none of it melted*.  We recently found a Tarantula on our front porch after dark and I didn’t want to go outside creeping around leaving gifts on porches with a possible Tarantula encounter.  The one that we found at our door was armed with a gun and a knife.  He was as scary as can be! I don’t take any chances with bugs in the dark now.  

I left some of these on a few coworkers desks in hopes that we can spread it around work.  Do you and your neighbors or co workers do anything fun?  I’m hoping that this can be the start of a yearly tradition in our neighborhood! Exciting!!!  You still have time to get out there and BOO!  Let me know how it goes!!

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Stacie said...

Super fun! I have seen something similar with a plate of cookies at Christmas.

HickChickBritt said...

What a cute idea? Do you know if it has caught on? Have you seen other neighbors with the Boo'd signs besides where you left them?