Family Car: Bigger isn’t always better

I shared with you in my last post about my first car when I was growing up and now I’m on a roll.  We just recently had some vehicle changes in our family and I sort of wish we had done this sooner!

Erik drives a Tahoe, aka gas guzzler #1.  I was driving a Ford Expedition that was given to me by my Dad many years ago, aka gas guzzler #2.  The good thing about these big ole vehicles was exactly that: they were BIG.  We could fit 6 kids in my Expedition if we needed to and could even use it to haul things around, like the stacks of pallets I liked using for craft projects.

But let’s face it, as a family of 5… driving 2 big gas guzzlers really is not smart. 

With both of our vehicles paid off, we sat down and looked at the numbers.  As you all know the cost of gas is OUT of control all over the US and you practically have to get 
YesLoans just to get by!  The amount of money we were spending on gas a month equated to a new car payment for a fancy car that we really didn’t need.  So we started looking around to replace the Expedition.  Erik and his Tahoe are life long best friends and I think it would take an act of God for Erik to let it go.  I am not sure what was the appeal of our latest addition but we decided to go smaller and more compact.  We got a Kia! 

Oddly enough, we have a car payment now but we are saving money!  Sometimes it worth sitting down to review the gas, tolls and insurance for the car you have to see if it is really the best choice.
The only major difference in our newest car choice is that the kids sit VERY close to each other.  They are within inches of touching, hitting or annoying each other.  I personally like it because its lower to the ground and when I turn going really fast, I don’t have a worry of tipping over.  Ha!  Just teasin!  I am a careful and safe driver…. most of the time. 

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the opinions are 100% my own.  This post is written in partnership with Yesloans.

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Kenzie S said...

I know exactly what you mean about gas prices and gas guzzlers! That was one of the main reasons we bought my Focus. We have our big full-size gas guzzler and out itty bitty economical car :D

Nicole said...

I love the car you chose. I had a Mustang when Mark and I got married and I we traded it in (just as I paid it off no less) for a 2011 Hyundai Elantra and LOVE it. Then I started seeing the Kia's and kind felt jealous, but I love my car so it's all good, right :).

Stacie said...

So, no Nascar number on the side just yet?