Heartfelt Acts {September}

Today I am sharing my Heartfelt Acts for September with Emmy Mom!  If you have any you would like to share, you can link up on our Heartfelt Acts Page anytime!  There is no set day or time for you to write about your experience, but just sharing the details to pass it on.  You are open to do anything to show Heartfelt Acts!!
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This months prompt:

1.  Buy some Cat and Dog treats that can be donated to a local Animal Shelter.
2.  Leave a generous tip to a server.

This month of September has come and gone in such a hurry that I am sad to tell you that I do not have a profound story for you.  Each and every day I have been knee deep in plans of some sort.  Taking on Room Mom duty and planning two birthday parties has kept me from focusing on my mission to do good for other people aside from making my sons Teacher happy and Ryan and Rayne having an enjoyable birthday. 

I decided instead that I needed a reminder and incentive to make October a good month.  I think this is a very uplifting video. 

Are you interested in getting started with us in sharing your Heartfelt Acts?  Its never too late to start doing good things for those around you.  Please feel free to include your post in our Master Linkup and remember there is no specific time or thing you have to do.  If you have received a Heartfelt Act, we would love to hear about it.


1.  Buy a gift card with a value of your choice and choose a random person to give it to.
2.  Send a letter to a friend to let them know you were thinking about them.

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Emmy said...

Sounds like it has been a busy month and yes I love this video- I think I will be sharing it tomorrow when I post too :)

Sarah Shumate said...

Don't feel bad! You're a busy lady - there's not always time to do everything you'd like to. I'm going to watch that video later today when I've got more time. If both you and Emmy loved it, I know I will, too!