Yet another legend about a modern hero {Guest Post}

Yet another legend about a modern hero….

Thus, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived, and the brave Percy Jackson is back again to the rescue of his divine friends and the mortal universe. On the screens comes the sequel of the epic saga about a young demigod and his adventures:

Percy Jackson -

Since its first triumph of Olympian motifs three years have passed, and once again the time has come for the true heroes, mythical monsters and teenage complexes. In 2010, the Lightning Thief was punished, cruel Medusa was defeated and the ruthless ruler of Tartarus, Hades, was witty tricked. Back then Percy Jackson was a scoop, and now he comes around like a living legend.

In August 2013 Percy Jackson and his friends will again go on a dangerous journey to prevent a disaster which threatens the world. This time the villains made a surprise attack on the Half-Blood Camp, destroyed its defense and conspired a vicious atrocity: to revive the ruthless Kronos for the world to fall back into the Primordial Chaos and the proud Zeus to fall, defeated. Of course, only Percy Jackson and his lovely team are able to intrude to the evil plot. They are going to dive into the abyss of the vice Sea of Monsters in the search of a powerful artifact - the Golden Fleece - which is able to restore the protection of the Camp and prevent the revival of Kronos. Cute Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) in three years has become even sweeter and the same can be said of his partners. The charismatic and funny satire Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) has received the title of senior protector and now proudly wears his yet small horns. Charming Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), the wise daughter of Athena, not only became prettier after three years, but has also turned blonde. We can only hope that all these metamorphoses will be enough to overcome all the difficulties that stand in the way of our heroes. In the legendary Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and his crew will have to confront the most epic ones of the mythological villains, like Scylla, Charybdis, the sorceress Circe, treacherous sweet-sirens and far more. Their quest is dangerous and can become their last adventure, but youthful demigods are fearless and hopeful.

Percy Jackson is truly one of the best examples of a modern hero with no fear and reproach, a role model, which our growing generation craves for so desperately. Movies about his glorious arcades are beautiful and gentle fairy tales of friendship and loyalty, of adult courage and strength of the spirit. "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is a great story for the entire family about the genuine sacred values ​​with entertaining and educational implications about ancient history. But history is almost irrelevant when it comes to the great legends about great deeds of great heroes.

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