top 3 ways to kick off Kindergarten!

The days were getting closer to sending our first born off to Kindergarten.  I have no memory of my first day of Kindergarten or 1st grade so I wanted to think of something that we could do to help Ryan remember this awesome moment!

I created an invite to our immediate family asking them to come over for a few hours for dinner and a Balloon send off!
1st Annual School Send off
{1} To kick off Kindergarten we got the school colors in balloons!  We used them to lightly decorate around the house until the actual send off!
I tried to be creative and write in chalk on our back porch the details about starting school:
2013 Mrs. Jamison, Kindergarten.. Wilmith.. Longhorns and even got Erik to draw the longhorn for me.  I guess I got a bit ahead of myself because the sprinklers went off that next morning before our event and most of the detail had faded away….. It’s the thought that counts, right!? I didn’t bother to take a picture of the other side of the sidewalk as the 2013 now looked like 2015. 
{2}  Pictures with the Grandparents with Ryan, our big boy! One set of Grandparents is missing from the pictures due to other plans and Aunt Tanya was prepping for school too as she teaches 6th grade science! 
Next up was the proud parents with Ryan!
The kids got a picture together too!  This will be cute to take in the coming years to see how they grow!
Alrighty!! Everyone line up and lets release the balloons!!

{3} I found a chalkboard and chalkboard markers and stayed up after putting the kiddo’s down for the night to work on all of the details Ryan had given me earlier in the day. 
I am so happy with how it turned out.
First day pictures!
Enjoy your first year sweet boy!! Don’t grow up too fast!!
1st Day of Kindergarten 2013

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Sarah Shumate said...

Okay, this is seriously awesome! I'm sure he will def remember his first day of school now! (And if he doesn't, you've got pictures to help trigger the memory!)

I love that he wants to be a police man! So cute!

Stacie said...

Love that idea with the balloons. And I'm doing a chalkboard project for E's birthday party with pics of all of her firsts this year!

Nicole said...

OH I love this. You throw the best parties! You're coming to throw my next one, right ?!?! Btw, what's a chalkboard marker??

Emmy said...

How fun! Love that you made the day and event so special. Love love his sign. What are chalkboard markers?? I have never heard of these and girl your writing is awesome!!