final count down to kinder

We have 5 week days left in our final count down to Kindergarten and we are so excited!!  We’ve got Ryan’s backpack and school supplies and we’re ready to go!  We are meeting the teacher this week to find out who she will be as well as a chance to see his classroom before the 1st day. 

I saw a girl post a deal on Facebook recently for taking back to school pictures and I jumped at the chance to not only help her out but also to get some fun pictures of our sweet boy before his busy year begins!  

We’re ready to go!!! Love how the pictures turned out!! Ryan is officially a Longhorn!

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Stacie said...

Love the apple on the head shot!

Sarah Shumate said...

Those pictures really are great!! Good idea!

I didn't realize he hadn't started yet! Schools in your area must start pretty late, huh? I thought Lexie's schools was odd since it doesn't start until the end of the month, but I guess we're not the only ones!

Emmy said...

I like the apple on the head picture that is cute! So fun that he will be in kindergarten! I bet he will love it

Nicole said...

How cute is he!?!? Don't cry too much momma!!! I want to be a Longhorn!!

Angie said...

Such an exciting time! Hope he loves it :)
The pictures turned out awesome!!

Tatiana Diaz said...

Those pictures are absolutely darling and your son is so cute. My son just started Kindergarten on Monday and he was less than enthusiastic about letting go of summer for early mornings. He is most of the time super excited and happy. This morning though he cried about how he didn't want to go to school anymore and how he wanted to stay home and do nothing. lol. Hope your little guy enjoys school as much as mines does when he isn't crying about missing summer. :P

Mrs. Match said...

Wow, kindergarten! What a big guy :-) I love the pics, especially the apple. He's going to love kinder! Also hurray for one less Lil in child care right? Cha-Ching!