Fall Trends I hope to try

I am in a fashion funk again.  You know when you walk in your closet and realize you hate everything you own?  I feel like I am wearing the same things over and over again just for mere comfort and losing out on great fashion trends.  Lets face it, its hard to keep up with every trend of each season but I do like to try to dabble in some of them.

A co-worker told me that Miss Me’s are out of style according to a teenager who informed her when they were talking about style. “WHAT!"?” I exclaimed!! I just got into it and hate to hear that its dying off already!  Can’t be true.  I refuse to believe it!  These jeans, while they have a bit of bling seem to be the style that fits almost every booty!

I am still in denial. 
I am still determined to get something in Chevron for myself but I am not sure how flattering it would be on me.  It seems like stripes or patterns can either make you or break you…. meaning, make you look thinner or NOT.  So, I am still on the hunt but for now—I’m loving these and wish I could find them in stores near me!  Most of what I am finding are super short and would look ridiculous on me.  I feel like that is showing my age too—When did I become so worried about the length!? 

My newest favorite is Peace Love World!  I have a post coming where you can win something for your little one!  I just love the message and simplicity in this brand!

I am personally very happy to live in jersey skirts and dresses but sometimes I think we need to branch out a bit.  I am a big fan of pink but this is where I think I draw the line.  These styles seem a bit over the top!

I think finding the best
women’s tops is the way to go.  You can pretty much stay in style with your tops and coordinate with black pants, jeans or skirts.  These are some great styles that aren’t so crazy and still keeping up with the fall 2013 trends!

Are Ugg boots still in style?  I am not even sure.  It is unfortunate but I will have to get my shoe shopping started sooner than my clothes because our lovely new puppy has ruined almost all of my favorite shoes. 
What are you feeling this Fall?  I really need some ideas!! I also could use a personal shopper if you know of one handy. 

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the opinions are 100% my own.  This post is written in partnership with Millers.com

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Angie said...

How could Miss Me jeans possibly be out of style? They are like the cutest ever!!

Sarah Shumate said...

I love love LOVE that blue and white chevron dress, but I'd never be able to pull it off. If I can't wear a bra, I look like a 12-year-old boy. It makes me sad. :o(

I feel the exact same way when I look in my closet - like three things would be considered in style. I'm working on it! (So is it bad that I've never even heard of Miss Me jeans?!)

Emmy said...

Yea, can't help you out much as I have no idea what is really in style. I am so sick of my clothes though too.

Mrs. Match said...

I am in a total fashion rut. As soon as I lose these last 5 pounds I'm treating myself to some new outfits! Those jeans are really cute, and I don't care what people think as far as in or out of style. If it looks good on you, wear it! I really love that plaid top. I need to find a cute top like that for our family photos for this winter. I can't wait for cold weather to bust out the cuter clothes!