{August} Heartfelt Acts

Today I am sharing my Heartfelt Acts for August with Emmy Mom!  If you have any you would like to share, you can link up on our Heartfelt Acts Page anytime!  There is no set day or time for you to write about your experience, but just sharing the details to pass it on.  You are open to do anything to show Heartfelt Acts!!
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This months prompt:

1.  Pay it forward in a drive thru; you can pay for 1 or 2 cars back. If you have a plan to do this, you could even write a little Pay it Forward note to wish them a great day.
2.  Cook a meal or a dessert for someone.

I can’t believe we only have 4 more months left in this year!  I am really enjoying the months of Heartfelt Acts!  When we look back over the year, I think we will all feel very proud of ourselves for pushing each other to do things that we may not have done otherwise. 

Erik was gone for the first part of the month away at Army Annual training so getting extra things accomplished when he is gone is hard.  We managed to get a sign up for him on the day he was expected to return home as a little Heartfelt Act for Daddy!  The kids really had fun helping me hang the letters and take pictures!
There’s nothing like a Heartfelt hug from your babies when you haven’t seen them in 3 weeks. 
This month was super busy also getting Ryan ready for his first year in Kindergarten so I went with the option to pay it forward.  This is a very easy Heartfelt Act but after I did it, I didn’t get the warm fuzzy feeling that I have had in the past events we have done in giving.  I decided to pay for a car behind me in the line at Starbucks.  I wasn’t able to stick around for the reaction because those people have you moving FAST in the line and there’s no time to linger.  I just hope that it helped her day get started on the right foot. 

I had plans to take the kids out for breakfast while Erik was away because I really wanted to pay it forward at a restaurant as someone had once done for me many years ago.  

Erik was overseas from the time Ryan was about 9months old until just before his 2nd birthday.  I was a new Mom and doing things solo with Ryan was sometimes a challenge.  I used to get up every weekend and take him to this local restaurant to eat breakfast together.  Ryan would throw food on the floor, spill his milk and sometimes scream during the adventures which I am sure others were noticing (its quite possible no one noticed but when your kid is acting like a crazy person, you always feel like the world is watching).  One morning, we were rapping up and our waitress said that our meal had been covered, tip and all.  I felt overwhelmed by the generosity and am sure the look of gratefulness was on my face as I glanced around the restaurant trying to figure out who might have been behind it.  Its been nearly 4 1/2 years later and it’s a moment that still sticks with me.    I wish I could thank that person for the Act but I know its in me now to do the same for someone else.  Here’s a picture of me and Ryan back then…  

Are you interested in getting started with us in sharing your Heartfelt Acts?  Its never too late to start doing good things for those around you.  Please feel free to include your post in our Master Linkup and remember there is no specific time or thing you have to do.  If you have received a Heartfelt Act, we would love to hear about it. 


1.  Buy some Cat and Dog treats that can be donated to a local Animal Shelter.
2.  Leave a generous tip to a server.

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Sarah Shumate said...

Yeah, you may have missed that person's reaction, but I bet it was a good one! Who doesn't get excited when something they were about to pay for is free?! :o)

That is such a sweet story about whoever paid for your breakfast all those years ago. Instant mood-lifter!

Angie said...

Nothing will make your day any brighter than doing something good for someone else!

I love your Heartfelt Acts that you all have been doing.

Krystal said...

I have been lost for a while but I love that when I come by this is what I am greeted with. You have such a great heart and are so blessed!!

Stacie said...

Love the pay it forward...and look at little Ryan!

Emmy said...

That is so awesome that someone paid for you like that! Glad that Erik is back home, that would be hard for him to be gone that long

Mrs. Match said...

Wow, doing. Things solo with Erik overseas must have been so hard for you both! I'm so glad he's back safe and sound. What a thoughtful gesture for that stranger to do for you. Gives me the warm fuzzies!