All Smiles and Birthday Parties

As the school year is about to begin, we are checking things off our list to take care of before the season begins!! One of the tasks was to go for our bi-annual Dentist check up!  It really does seem to make a difference with the kids and their interest in brushing their teeth and over all mouth health. 

Ryan has become more brave to sit in the chair and calmly lay there to let them check his teeth and clean them.  It helps that they have televisions hanging over the chair to keep the kids entertained!  Ryan got a great review, although he might have a tiny cavity brewing (bummer) and will probably need orthodontics at some point.  Check out the cool shades he gets to wear! I think that was his favorite, next to the Marshmallow flavored flouride.
Rayne was not as big of a fan of this process and had a harder time getting to clean her teeth, but with a nurses help, we held her down long enough to make sure her teeth were all looking good.   We’ve really gotta work on kicking her pacifier habit!  I had to hold her so there are no pictures of her turn…. maybe next time!
Reese was brave like Ryan and although it felt a bit weird to have water in her mouth and sucking it out, she did GREAT!
The girls were so excited to get their own goodie bags full of their newest toothbrush, stickers and toothpaste! 
There is also never a dull moment because the kids are being invited to a bunch of birthday parties.  We went to one this weekend for Reese’s old buddy Evan who was turning 3.  He moved to a new school but they had a blast together as if no time had passed!

And finally, we recently went to our dear friend Addison’s birthday.  Ryan and Addison have known each other since they were born.  Its hard to believe we are celebrating her 6th birthday!! I can still remember her 1st!

This is now… 2013
This was then….. 2008

Love the memories these kids have together!! 

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Angie said...

My Axle is NOT a fan of the dentist either. Every trip requires me holding him down!

Stacie said...

Look at little bitty Ryan, that is so cute!

Mrs. Match said...

Oh Ryan is so widdle! I love the photo recreation. I know Wyatt will have friends like that. So fun!
Great job on the kids' dental health! I was reminded by a friend that we should start brushing Wyatt's gums about this age. This should be interesting. Any tips for me?

Emmy said...

How fun to have a life long friend like that! So cute! You are so good-- Ryder hasn't been to the dentist yet. My older two are going tomorrow and while there I plan on making him an appointment.