5 Best Tips for Updating your Living Area

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I am in dire need to update our home as our newest addition has gone a little puppy crazy and ruined rugs, corners of our cabinets and has dug holes in our backyard as if there really is a path to China.  So I felt like putting together some of my favorite tips for freshening up a room and decorating it.  Maybe these tips will help my guests focus on the additions rather than the destruction.

5 Best Tips for Updating your Living Area

1.  Fresh Flowers:  I love going to the store and buying an arrangement to put on our tables.  They are beautiful, bright and smell amazing!  Since we have young kids in the house, I like to find arrangements that are bright and small that way they can see over them at the kitchen table.

2.  Adding mirrors to your room:  This is been a tip I learned back in my college dorm room.  Adding mirrors not only brightens your room, but it helps make it feel bigger!

3.  Embracing bold prints to add some flare to your room:  I love fun throw pillows!! These are the easiest thing to update and keep your room the same but make it feel so different!!

4.  Move your furniture around to change your focal point:  I am really bad about this and think this would probably be the easiest fix for our living room.  Changing the way your couch sits or which way you face to watch tv or making your windows the focal point could really improve your room!  I love these fresh focal pieces from
Nick Scali furniture as an example!

5.  Update your flooring or rugs: heaven help me because my rugs are in dire need of updating and I can’t stop ogling over these rugs that I would LOVE to have in my house!  Hurry and grow up puppy so I can update my house!  Aren’t these stunning!  I’m in a geometric mood these days!!

What do you think?  What are your favorite ways to spruce up your room and transition into different seasons?  Its almost Fall and I am ready for some freshening up. Here is a tip for this coming fall’s colors!

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Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the opinions are 100% my own.  This post is written in partnership with Nick Scali Furniture

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Emmy said...

I really need some new pillows for my couch. I am about to get a bunch of new pictures from the latest photo shoot i did of my kids so it will seem like a different place