NEVER do anything half way!

The summer days are blazing past me and my to-do list is growing everyday and there doesn’t seem to be enough time.  Seems sort of ironic that there’s not enough time in the day especially with the summer days lasting longer but it sure feels like I’m in a constant rush to get things done.  While most people are spending their summer months traveling and playing outside, my day to day life hasn’t changed much—I’m working and doing the same as I would in the winter/fall months.  So why am I complaining about not having enough time in the day NOW?  Well….. I have come across my newest addiction.  Surprisingly, its not Candy Crush (iphone app game that is close 2nd).

Facebook Online Garage Sales! 

WHAT?! Facebook Garage Sales!? Yes! You heard me right!  I must have been hiding under a rock for this whole time and if you are looking around wondering what this is – I’m here to tell you--- Its AWESOME!

It all began when my girlfriend Kristi mentioned that she had set up a group on Facebook for De-Stashing Craft supplies.  She knew this would be up my alley since I had a pretty good collection going.  I joined the group and took a few pictures.  I was excited when I got someone interested and sold something! 

Then, some how I found out about an Online Garage sale for my community.   Only people who live in the neighborhood are apart of it and it ran the same as the Craft De-Stash was--- you take a picture, post it giving all the details about it… where you are located (cross streets) and how much you want! 

I posted my very first item on a Saturday.  It was a tall cabinet we weren’t using and I posted asking for $20.  It was sold and picked up within 2 hours of posting it.  DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!?!?   I looked at Erik and said—”Babe! What else can we sell!?”  Here are a few examples of what I’ve been selling!

I have been shocked at how quickly something's go and how slow others move.  My friend Kristi who started this whole madness texted me the other day and asked me,

“Do you have any possessions left at all!?”

I guess I never realized how much “stuff” we had!  The relief and thrill of getting rid of things has been so overwhelming and exciting that I can’t seem to stop! 

Kristi said… “you NEVER do anything halfway.  You either go all out or go home!!”

So true!! I encourage you to check Facebook for your local communities…. try searching by City, or by your community name and click to Join.  Each group will have their own set of rules about posting and how often you can bump but once you get the hang of it…. you will thank me and probably have a small stash of cash from it!  My community has an HOA that prohibits yard sales or garage sales incase you were wondering why I’m doing this all online but it sure beats dealing with Craigslist crazies and having to set up a huge weekend sale in your yard!  Sell at your own risk and see what happens!! I have actually met a few people that have turned to friends that I never even knew lived near me!!

Let me know if you do this and how it goes! Happy Selling!!

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Anonymous said...

We have a couple community Facebook pages that we sell/swap stuff on, I love it!!

Krystal said...

This is so cool!! I definitely have t check it out especially since I have a new house to furnish!! LOL

Sarah Shumate said...

This is awesome!! I am a big fan of yard sales, craigslist, thrift shopping, whatever. If it's used and cheap, I'm in! ;o) I hope you get rid of everything you don't want! It's a really good feeling.

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Tell me you didn't sell that guitar already...I've always wanted to learn to play.

Stacie said...

Love trolling our local FB Yard Sale Page for deals! Need to post some stuff myself.

Emmy said...

I am part of a FB page like that, it is nice especially if you just have one thing here and there not enough to make it worth having a real garage sale.