Hello Monday

Its been a few weeks since I have posted pictures of our happenings in the Johanson home……

These kids crack me up!! I love that they are so willing to pose for me… nevermind if I have to bribe them with fruit snacks or m&m’s for it to happen—I still love it!! Reese is sporting her Jumping Beans top from Kohls, Ryan is in his Shamrock Skulls shirt from Carter’s and Rayne is in my newest favorite brand Peace Love World shirt “I am Original!” 

Okay now—ya’ll lay down on the grass and lets take a picture in our jammies!!  Clearly Rayne put in the most effort here.
We have been playing outside on our water park…
Reese has fallen for an older boy in our neighborhood.  His name is Collin and is just too cute and sweet!  They make great friends!
We have had fun impromtu parties with our sweet neighbors.  Our host was the fabulous Ella who created all of the games, activities and menu for the night!! (missing in the picture was Caroline who is not a fan of being photographed).  Ella drew her own Pin the Tail on the Donkey game and cut out her own tails for us all to use!  So creative and organized!!!
Ella and Ryan were the winners for the game! Winners Picture!!
The night was full of silly faces….
We got the chance to test out these insect repelling wrist bands which we decided to take it to a fashion statement around the ankle.. The smell was obvious so the ankle seemed like the best way to go.  I think we can all say that we still got bit. 
We have been spending time with our traveling cousins who came through on their way to visit other family!
We have also stayed inside on days when its too hot to have some good ole’ fashion popcorn and watch movies with friends!
The kids are all taking swim lessons and learning the swimming rescue techniques!  Rayne is pictured here showing us her skills!
We are loving the occasional pop up thunderstorms and rainbows that appear afterwards…IMG_3007
But mostly, we’re just busy playing with our friends and having a good time this summer!IMG_3077
How is your summer going?

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having an amazing, and very fun, summer! Such fun pictures! Your kids are too cute!

jaime said...

What a great (FUN!) summer you guys are having!!

Nicole said...

That outdoor pool water thing looks like a blast! And yey for swim lessons!

Sarah Shumate said...

Woah! You guys have been busy! So much fun stuff - that's exactly what summer should be full of!

What's that cute little stone structure in the rainbow picture?

Mrs. Match said...

That water slide looks awesome!! I love all their sweet, silly faces. I'm amazed at how much they've grown!
That is so awesome they're learning rescue swimming. I really want Wyatt to learn.

Stacie said...

Loving all of these pics!

Emmy said...

Good job mama getting so many cute pictures of your kids!
Gotta love those first crushes, too cute!

Looks like you have been having such a fun summer