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My name is Janette and I am addicted to my cell phone.  I can do virtually anything from there and have found so many apps along the way that I have tried.  I’ve kept some, deleted others and become addicted to MANY!!  I have had a few friends ask me on facebook for my inside scoop of favorite apps, so I thought I’d share them with you!  Pay close attention because I got some awesome feedback from other friends on what their favorites are below~ some were new to me!!

The Johanson Journey-best-apps
Candy Crush:
It goes without saying that the top game on most of my friends phones is called Candy Crush. A good friend from highschool is to blame for getting me addicted, thank you Susan Layton!
Warning: Highly addictive.  Once you start, you cannot stop.  I asked Erik to play a round for me and he had never played before and now he is ADDICTED!! You do not have to have a Facebook account to play but you will likely have to pay for jumping to the next levels.  There might even be support groups to help you through the addiction.

The Weather Channel:
I am not afraid to admit that I love this app because I have regrets that I didn’t go to school for meteorology.  I love this app because I can see the radar in many forms, I can see how the pollen is in my area and I can also track tornados and hurricanes! 

If you aren’t on this app already, you are missing out.  I love that I can search for anything from my phone and I can convo with the store owners!! Talk about EASY!! 

Want to buy and sell clothing or accessories!? This is a great place to do it!  This is a new one for me that I’m still working through but think its worth the top list.  I just love the idea of being able to buy and sell from my phone and you can attend shopping parties!! Sign me up!

While I’d like to say that I can quickly come up with the easy formula for what amount to give a waiter/waitress, I would rather use this app to help me.  With a  quick slide of the bar, I can change the percentage and have it added up for me! 

Around Me:
I know I’m not alone when you are heading out to eat somewhere and you look at your other half and ask, “where do you want to go” and neither of you know!  Frustrating!! This app tells you based on your location what is around you.  If you want to know a place nearby that has donuts or pizza, you can search by type.  Its very handy for the indecisive folks like me!

Okay, and the much anticipated Photo Apps that are frequently asked!  Here we go! These are my favorite and I use them ALL randomly!  They each have their own special qualities and are all worth downloading!

From Left to Right:
Red Stamp….Beautiful Mess…. Bokehful… Lab….. Camera+

From Left to Right:
Lenslight…Instaframe….Bubbleframe… Rhonna Farrer

AWESOME!!!!   Now, here are some favorites of my friends!!

Chelsea from
Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles:  My favorite app is Paperless-- it's a fun list app that I keep lists of what I need to do each day and post ideas for my blog!

Laura  from
Howdy Girl: Clear! It's a great to-do list app as well! I love that you can have separate sections for things like "personal," "Blogging" and more! Very simple, but I love the different colored themes so you can personalize it!

Emily from Nap Time is My Time: My favorite non-social networking app is DayOne. It's a journal that allows you to record every day moments using photos, places, and words!

Brittany from
Where My Soul Belongs: I love Evernote. I can take notes during meetings with clients, save them, and then open them again on my computer, and vice versa. I can save documents into evernote and quickly pull them up during conversations!

Danielle from Framed Frosting:  I absolutely love the Dropbox app. It allows me to upload photos from my iPhone to my computer so I can easily edit them and insert them into my blog posts.

Samantha from Spectacular She: The Facebook Pages App-- super easy on-the-go tool that let's you interact with Facebook fans.

Mindy from Budget Fairytale: I love the MoreBeaute2 app! It's a one-button airbrushing for selfies which removes eye bags and flaws in one swoop. Technology!

Emmy from Emmy Mom ‘Taking Life one day at a time’: from My favorite app for being organized is Todo, I would forget everything without it. Favorite editing is PicTapGo.

Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife: Afterlight! It's my fave app for editing pictures for great quality. It's like a mini photoshop!

Paige from A Dose of Paige: For medical personnel, micromedex is an app that is a must have and a total lifesaver!  Another app I love is google drive!

Courtney from Courtney Marie Jewelry: I love my frametastic app and the flashlight app is just brilliant!

Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck: I have so many that are my favorites but I have to concur that Dropbox is a favorite.. for getting your pictures off your computer (that were taken with a “real” camera) and onto your Instagram feed.

Amy from Plucking Daisies: My new favorite app is Magic Piano.

So please share!! What is your favorite app!?  If you havent’ heard of these mentioned by myself or my friends and you decide to use one, please let me know how much you love it!

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Emmy said...

Oh great resource going to have to check out some of these other apps!

Chelsea said...

Wow, I haven't heard of a lot of these apps! I have a lot of downloading to do in the App store it looks like!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Chelsea. Haven't heard of a lot if these! Maybe I need to go do some investigating!

Danielle Doerr said...

I haven't heard of a lot of these. I'll be downloading Bokehful right now!!

Nicole said...

Oh goodness, that's a lot of apps listed right there :). I've tried a few of them out :)

Emily said...

Whoa! There are so many awesome apps! I'm going to have fun checking them out tonight! Thanks so much for a great list!

Krystal said...

I'm so glad I don't have an iPhone and that my phone is angry at me and doesn't want to work right so that I can't get any of these apps! LOL

Breanna said...

Love this post! I can't wait to check out all of your suggestions :) I found your blog through a comment you left on someone else's blog, and you struck me as such a sweetheart, that I had to click on over and find your blog :)

New follower!

❤ Breanna