Best Age To Pierce Ears

Tough question to answer in many homes is “When should we get our child’s ear’s pierced?!” 

When Reese was born, Erik made a firm stand that we would not pierce the girls ears until they were old enough to ask for them.  That sounds like a fair decision so I was on board.  I have seen babies with cute tiny earrings and thought they looked adorable and I have seen friends who waited to pierce their girls ears when they were about 5 or so.  I felt pretty flexible about the idea of waiting. The only time I would have wanted it done sooner was for those random moments in the grocery store when someone mistakes your baby girl for a boy! 
{never mind the pink outfit and sparkly shoes that totally gives it away}

Fast forward to Reese’s 3rd birthday that we celebrated this June.  Some of Reese’s friends in her classroom were showing of their ears to Reese and one day, Erik asked her if she wanted her ears pierced. {so much for waiting for her to ask for them} Reese nodded that she wanted them too and to be just like Mommy. 

So we decided to do the piercing in honor of her 3rd birthday.  Here is how the event went down…..

We got seated in the piercing chair with big smiles and excitement!! We picked out the earrings of choice, …okay I picked them out but they were too cute. 
We got dots put on each ear and measured them for evenness.  Thankfully there were two gals working who could tag team this effort and knock it out in one quick pinch.
They looked even and ready to rock!IMG_1548

And then it happened… The look on her face says it all. 
“Wait, what!?!? What are they doing!?”
As quick as it happened, she was shocked and stunned but please note that this only lasted for maybe 3-4 minutes. She was offered a lollypop for her bravery and shown herself in a mirror to see how beautiful she looked.
The end result?  It was worth it and she is doing great with them..twisting and turning and keeping them clean! 
So if you ask me what the perfect age is to get your daughter’s ear’s pierced… I would say… in my humble opinion…. Do it before they know that there is pain involved.  It is quick and easy and assuming you have no reactions, its better to do it sooner than later.  When I was 5, I think I asked for it.  I went and had them done at the mall in Anchorage Alaska.  I had 1 ear done at a time and after the 1st ear, I was done.  I had to be bribed, conned and all other forms of persuasion to go back for the 2nd ear to be done.  We didn’t really let Rayne watch the process.  Erik took her outside of the store and walked around while I stayed with her to hold her hand.  We’ll stick with the age 3 in our home.  

How old were you and what’s your age requirement for you kiddos?

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Anonymous said...

I would love for Allison to get hers now BUT the Hubby is stopping that. He wants her to be way older. I was in 4th grade when I had mine done.

Nicole said...

Awe, she looks soooo cute! I got mine done at 8 and then again around 18 :) (second hole) and then cartilage around 21. She was such a brave little one!!

Gauger Family said...

OMG she is just precious. She looks just like you! I was 8 when I got mine. We are thinking for Gracie's 6th bday she might do hers???? Haven't decided yet. She's adorable!

Sarah Shumate said...

She looks so beautiful! Is it possible that those earrings make her look more grown up? I think so!

I had to wait a long time to get mine done - maybe 12? My parents were really strict. We let Lex gets hers done as soon as she asked for it - 7, I think!

amyswor said...

Was searching for my GF's blog and came across your interesting one. Started reading and came to your funny post where your 3 yr "asked to have her ears pierced."

Saw your query what is the best age to do it. Well, I did my first daughter after asking my ped at six months and the second girl at six weeks. Earlier turns out easier for mommy and baby if want her ears pierced. I remember getting mine done when I was five and it wasn't a positive experience. I wanted it done so bad since all my friends had earrings, but the scared me so much, I cried even before having it done.

Learning from that situation told me that I didn't want my girls facing the same thing. Doing it as an infant, they will grow up earrings thinking it is a part of them.

My two girls never played nor messed with them. They are now 3 an 4 yrs old and proud of showing their earrings to their friends. Almost all the other little girls wish their moms had done theirs as an infant.

They are now struggling with what I faced at their age, i.e., the angst and fear of getting their ears pierced.

What is the right age? Well, to each their own. I don't think there is any wrong answer. Everyone has there own traditions or rules. I also think if you wait for a child to want it or be responsible it could be at different ages. Since every child develops at different ages.

After receiving some info from our ped where to have it done, type of earrings to choose and OTC meds to
minimize any discomfort, I followed her tips and it was a good experience for all of my girls.

Any moms wanting some info or on the fence, " pierce or not to pierce," then drop me an e-mail and I will send our ped's tips to you.

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

First of all, she is so cute! Secondly, what? You lived in Alaska? Thirdly, I can't do it. My hubby takes the kiddos for ear piercing cuz I am a big baby and can't face it lol.

Ana V said...

Love your post! So interesting!

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Stacie said...

Jury is still out at our house. I would love to do it now, but can't stand to see her cry =(

Emmy said...

Growing up I had to be 12- though my sister took me when I was 11. I don't know what age I will have Alex do it, I rarely ever wear earrings so I don't think she really thinks about them as she has never asked.

Great job documenting the moment

Mrs. Match said...

I had mine done on my 10th birthday. My mom blindfolded me and made it a special surprise. Except I hated the blindfold and had a total brat attack on the way there. I'm mixed on the idea.i turned them and kept them clean and they still got infected. To this day I can't wear earrings for long periods of time. I like the idea of no pain for my future daughter, but if she has sensitive skin like me, I'd feel so bad!
Reese looks adorable! With her longer hair she is looking so grown up!