We Call Him Maverick!

We have an event that happens once a month in our city called “Trade Days”.  It’s a huge space that vendors rent out and sell things from kettle style popcorn to iron works and even chickens!  We decided we would get the kids out on Father’s Day for a quick stroll through to see if anything struck us.  We have been a few times in the past and have never bought anything other than maybe some fresh lemonade or a bag of popcorn, so I didn’t expect anything this time around either.

We thought we would start from the middle and work our way back to the front because there are about 20 or so rows of vendors and it gets HOT fast!  We are an animal loving family so it was no surprise that we began with the animal row. 

Ryan ran up to each spot where there were puppies and asking if he could hold each and everyone of them.  Ryan has been asking for a new puppy since we lost Mackie.   We have been on a waiting list for an American Mastiff which Erik is still firmly wanting to get when one becomes available.  But…. what if the Mastiff wanted a friend?  Two buddies is better than one solo, right?

Here is Ryan holding a Wirehaired Dachshund which sure—he’s cute with his big ole blue eyes but wire hair is just not my ‘thang’.  This cute yellow lab is super CUTE!
Moving on… Erik pointed out some golden (sounds better than yellow) labs and chocolate labs.  The breeder was sharing that they are AKC certified and pure bred with paperwork and the whole nine-yards.  Most of the pups were sleeping and I saw one that I thought was super cute and held him.  The entire liter was male.  I put him down and kept talking and that one I held was a total toot!  He was biting and rough housing it and tearing things up in the pin. 

Erik and I looked at each other as if we were speaking code and we agree that it is better to have 2 pups vs just one, so we decided we would get one now to be the brother to our future mastiff.   The price was too good to pass up.  I looked over at the liter in the pin and watched the one crazy one and Erik asked if that was the one I wanted.  I said NO… I want the one over in the corner who is sleeping with his legs in the air.  This fella was laid back and cozy being on his back which I’ve learned that is a good indication of their temperament.  So, we dusted him off and put him in the stroller!  

His name is Maverick!  I’ve always wanted a pup to name after Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun.  He was such a cool guy in that movie and I’m hoping we got the right pup to carry the name well.

He got his first bath with the help of each of the kiddos!  He hasn’t had any accidents in the house! He is so affectionate and playful!
Ryan was disappointed to learn that he would not be sleeping in his bed with him, but downstairs with us in our room in a crate.  He did well for his first night.  He got a little playful with his puppy pad and I had to take that out around 11pm and then started to whimper around 2am. I took him outside for a quick run to the potty and he went and ran back in.  I put him back in his crate and laid back down and he began to whimper.  I couldn’t take it so I got up and got him and put him in bed with us.  He snuggled up and laid on his back.  Erik whispered “spoiled” and he’s right. He did great for the rest of the night. 
Thrilled to have a new fur baby!  He’s so sweet!!
Maverick Johanson, born April 10, 2013! Here’s to many years of joy!

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jaime said...

He's so cute!!!! Congrats on the new addition! ;)

Nicole said...

Way tooo cute! And you didn't want the one who was rip tearing up everything? come on, why not... lol :)

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...


Mrs. Match said...

Aww congrats on your new fur baby! Love the name, and with his golden hair he fits right in with your kiddos! :-) good call not going for the hyper one!

Stacie said...

I can tell that little Rayne loves petting him! He will be a wonderful addition to your crew!

Emmy said...

Okay he is so so cute!! And yes smart move not picking out the wild one.
And no accidents! That is awesome!!

Sarah Shumate said...

Ya'll have to be the coolest parents ever. You came home with a puppy!!! Maverick is the perfect name. :o) Good call not getting the rowdy one. Sounds like you'd have been buying all new furniture if you got that one!