The Johanson Journey- Reese is 3!
I can’t believe you are already THREE!! They aren’t kidding when they say that time flies!

Reese is super spunky, stylish and sassy.  She is known as the “mother hen” in school and teachers assistant.  I am always told stories about how Reese helps her fellow friends in class follow directions and points out when they are disobeying the teacher.  She is the first to run to the aid of her friends if they are hurt or their cheerleader when they do something well.  She is such a loving little girl and very affectionate with her older brother, Ryan and baby sister Rayne. 

At the ripe age of 3, Reese is wearing roughly a size 8 shoe and size 3T top and pants.  We are closing in on the potty training but to be honest, she’s really not that interested.  She loves Dora the Explorer, Little Einstein's and Sofia the First.  Reese is a ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of a girl and likes it her way.  For example, putting on her pull up.  She prefers to pull it apart and then re-strap it on which looks like the long way for me but that’s her way.  She likes to dress herself and put on her shoes like a big girl.  Speaking of shoes, she loves to clap around the house in all of my shoes and pretend she is like Mommy. 

Reese is a little lover and a great snuggler.  If I could put her in my pocket and keep her like this forever, I would! She is a joy to me and Erik and melts our hearts daily!

To make her birthday special, I reached out to two of my favorite places to customize a few things for her birthday party.

First up was getting her very first big girl necklace.  I knew that I could count on
Amy Cornwell to come through for me in creating a beautiful and dainty necklace!  Its hard to see in the above picture but up close, its gorgeous!  Reese loved her necklace and I love how tiny and sweet it looked on her!  Thank you to Amy for a beautiful creation!
You may recall my post about Ashlyn Grace Designs from my Sisterhood week a few months ago.  My sorority sister Stephanie creates the cutest embroidered items for any special occasion and you can find her HERE for your next special event.  I sent her a picture of Reese’s invitation which I will share with you tomorrow and asked her to help me make it match as best as she could.  She nailed it!  Reese LOVED it!! I just happen to have a Carter’s ruffle skirt that matched and she was set!

I can’t wait to share all the details of Reese’s Dora Party with you in the coming days. 


We love you, to the moon & back!

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Stacie said...

Oh, I love her little necklace, perfect with those newly pierced ears. And we love Einsteins and Sofia at our house, too!

Eek, can't wait to see all of the party details, I love planning!

jaime said...

I love, love, love the necklace! SO sweet.

Can't wait to hear about her party. Happy birthday, Reese!! (and happy birthing day, momma!) :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Reese!! She is so darn cute! It truly is so crazy how time flies, my son turned 3 in April and I just couldn't believe it.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Reese! 3 already! WOW!! What a little cutie :)

Nicole said...

Reese is sooooo darn cute! Happy Birthday Reese!

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Reese!! She is such a doll. Love that she takes care of everyone at daycare. That necklace is so cute.

Yea we have tried potty training two days now and yea I don't know when we are going to try again; it is making everyone miserable.

Sarah Shumate said...

What a sweetie! Happy birthday, Reese!!! I love that she's a mother hen/ She's just like YOU!

Mason's Mama said...

Precious, precious!! Happy Birthday Reese!

Mrs. Match said...

Happy birthday sweet Reese a Roo! She melts my heart just watching her grow through pics. Such a sweet and happy girl! I love her big girl necklace!