Today I am sharing my Heartfelt Acts for June with Emmy Mom!  If you have any you would like to share, you can link up on our Heartfelt Acts Page anytime!  There is no set day or time for you to write about your experience, but just sharing the details to pass it on.  You are open to do anything to show Heartfelt Acts!!
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This months prompt:

1.  Start a piggy bank for a cause- maybe even have kids help by doing extra jobs around house/neighborhood to earn money.
2.  Give Affirmation: Offer encouragement freely to your friends, co-workers, and family.  You can always find something positive to say in any situation!

I always find myself saying that I can’t believe its already June and summer but time is blowing right past us!  We have been super busy with birthdays, Father’s Day and it has been a bit more of a struggle to find time to do something Heartfelt.  Over the past few months, Erik and I have been leading the charge and exposing our children to the idea of giving.  Our hope is that the kids will eventually catch on and start thinking of things themselves.

This month, we did begin a piggy bank.  We are mostly purging things from the home to declutter and use it towards a good cause.  Part of me is thinking it would come in handy for our Christmas Angel this year but it might also be held on to for a rainy day.  It is fun to see the kids getting excited to add bills and change to the mason jar.
So, what about the kids?  As I mentioned above, here are a few times I caught them being Heartfelt.

Ryan and Reese always run towards the end of our street to play with their friends.  Ms. Trina was outside planting flowers when she walked up to her house asking if she could help.  Reese got to help put a tomato plant in a new planter.  Ms. Trina explained every step and invited Reese to come back and check on her plant.  Reese was so proud.  I think Ms. Trina appreciated the help.  She was tickled that Reese was so interested… wanting gloves and all.
On another day over the weekend, the kids ran out as they always do and found our sweet neighbors outside setting up their very first Lemonade stand.  Ryan, Reese and Rayne came running in the house asking for ‘money’s’ to give their friends to help them out.   It doesn’t get much cuter than that!! I hope that over time, my kids learn to appreciate small businesses (heh) and support their success! much like me. 

As you all know, this month was Father’s Day, so the kids also got to show ‘Daddy’ how much they loved him with a huge banner full of finger prints, hand prints and even foot prints!  He felt very loved and the kids loved seeing his reaction.
And finally as we are wrapping up this fine June month, I was picking up the kids from school.  Ryan saw his friend Elijah coming out of the school at the same time as we were getting buckled up.  Ryan said, “Mommy, can I give Elijah my coin?”  So, I rolled down the window and Ryan screamed out for his buddy who came over to the door.  Ryan said that this was the coin he planned to use for Show & Tell but that he wanted his friend Elijah to have it.  Elijah had a grin from ear to ear!  As we pulled away, Ryan said “I did something nice and it felt good!”  I reminded him that his generous and thoughtful gift was a “Heartfelt Act”.  He nodded and said, “yeah, I was being very nice”. 

So proud of these little people!  They’re so sweet!! 
So, are you interested in getting started with us in sharing your Heartfelt Acts?  Its never too late to start doing good things for those around you.  Please feel free to include your post in our
Master Linkup and remember there is no specific time or thing you have to do.  Want a prompt for July!?  Here are our suggested ideas.


1.  Leave a sweet message or gift to Thank your mail carrier.
2.  Gather up some books that can be donated to a library or Goodwill/Salvation Army.

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Stacie said...

Such a sweet crew you have. Be proud, Mama!

Angie said...

Sounds like they are really understanding what a "Heartfelt Act" is. It's such a good thing to teach them as they will be more aware of being nice all the way through their lives!

Anonymous said...

You are raising some very sweet children.

The last few days Allison and I have been going through her books to give away. There is this little corner store here in the neighborhood and he has a box of books kids can come choose from. So we have a nice stack of books to donate.

Emmy said...

Yea! So awesome what Ryan did! Love when they do things like that totally on their own without any prompting; that's when you know you are being a good example and they are watching

Mrs. Match said...

Reese is so cute! Little gardener? What a sweet thing for ryan to do. You are raising some amazing little people!

Mrs. Match said...

No question mark on gardener, I meant ! :-)