How to Get People Involved in Your Fundraiser {GUEST POST}

How to Get People Involved in Your Fundraiser

Making a donation to charity is simple. You can make a regular payment by setting up a direct debit, perhaps in response to an appeal on television. You could leave a legacy (gift of money or property) in your Will, or you could pop a few coins in a collection box. Yet few people know that it is also simple enough to create a fundraising event. All you need is a way to persuade people to join you in collecting together more money than you could donate on your own. To do so, you will need a good idea for how to fundraise and a way to publicize your event.

On the question of how to fundraise, the key is to keep it straightforward with as few costs as possible and make it quirky and fun so that as many people as possible will be tempted to join in.

Depending on the event you have in mind you might need to join forces with parts of your local community such as a school, the church or community groups like the Women’s Institute or Scouts/Guides. If you already have links within those groups then it should be easy enough to sell to them the idea of fundraising for your chosen charity. Then you can go about organizing things like sponsored bounces (for the children to bounce on a bouncy castle as many times as they can – you’ll need ‘counters’ to keep a tally for each child, and a bouncy castle, hopefully donated by a local hire shop) or sponsored walks.

If you don’t really have those contacts then you could always do something on a smaller scale but hopefully for just as much money. You might want to do something brave like a sponsored sky dive or mountain climb, sponsored weight loss or shave your head for money. To get more people involved you could organize a coffee morning (with donations on the door) or ask them to join you in your expeditions and get sponsors of their own.

There are loads of ideas to choose from when deciding how to fundraise. You could organize a charity quiz night at your house – everyone brings a bottle, and either pays a set amount to enter or pays a penalty for each answer they get wrong. Or hold an auction of promises: get together promises from people willing to help and invite bids for the goods and services on offer. One person might offer to iron a load of clothes; another might offer a free night’s babysitting; if you know a professional they might offer an hour of their time to give advice on legal or accounting issues. All of the promises should be donated for free with all money raised being given to your chosen charity.

Then you will need to advertise your event. If you want to support the RSPCA their Choices website allows you to choose a particular project that you want to support, and then lets you create your own fundraising page to explain to everyone what you’re doing and why. That page can be advertised by linking it to your social network site and at the same time you can ask friends to make donations. You can also put up posters (these as well as sponsor forms can also be downloaded from the RSPCA Choices site) in your local Post Office or supermarket notice board.

There are loads of ideas to choose from for your fundraising event and the use of the internet and social media make it even easier than ever before to promote your event.

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Krystal said...

This is awesome!! I'm looking to participate in a 5k race in order to raise $$ for Surfers for Autism. I have a fundraising page and everything. Going to start my training as soon as the weather clears up a bit and post updates of my progress in order to get people inspired to donate. It's not easy but I am trying! :-)