Hope everyone has a great Father’s Day this year! 
I had some chalkboard label markers that I thought I’d use for a simple addition to a picture with the kiddos to make into a mug for Erik for Father’s Day.  I started out trying to get them each to hold their respective marker but Rayne kept turning hers around so I couldn’t see it and Reese was holding hers in front of her face so I made it easy and just stuck them in the ground & voila! IMG_1472
Aunt Tanya came by to visit and we got busy with a fun, yet messy craft for hanging up for Father’s Day! I got a kraft paper roll from Wal-mart, some acrylic paint, a few inexpensive paint brushes and markers.  I did also purchase some plastic table covers to lay down as our mat for catching the excess paint.  IMG_1479
Rayne got marker all over her legs.  She found it was super fun to just color herself vs writing or coloring on the paper. Very fun and easy to dress up the house and make Dad feel special! Finger prints, hand prints and foot prints, oh my!  Super cute, right? IMG_1476IMG_1477IMG_1478IMG_1483IMG_1485IMG_1486IMG_1487IMG_1488IMG_1489spm-18
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Sarah Shumate said...

Woah!!! Fun!!! I want to finger paint, too! :o) What did Erik think?

Nicole said...

So cool, but wow you're an awesome mom for doing that. haha. I'd be scared to death to take on that project!

Emmy said...

What cute ideas! I am sure she loved them all. We just made a really simple banner in like two minutes