Planning my children’s birthday parties is a job I take very seriously.   My husband may argue that it’s a party that they may not even remember by the time they are our age but its all about making lasting memories!

Reese is old enough now to be able to tell me what type of a theme she wants for her party.  This year she made it very clear that nothing else but Dora would do!  The Johanson Journey Inside Scoop Dora Party
My first goal is to find a focal point for my party,  I do this with my Christmas themes and it keeps me on track.  So, I called out to my newest blog buddy, Connie from Measured by the Heart and gave her details about what I was aiming to do.  She loves creating beautiful printables and together we collaborated colors and thoughts of how to make this personal and cute. 

After invites are created, you have a great basis for planning the rest of your details!
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Details
1.  Customized Dora Party Invitation printable created by Connie from Measured by the Heart.  For this printable you can find it HERE and Connie can create other invites! Just give her a shout! Here is an up close view!
The Johanson Journey Dora Invite

2.  Customized Dora Hershey Kisses!  Connie created the image to match my invite that was an added touch of personalization inside our favor bags! Again, you can find this available HERE. Here is the close up image that was printed on Avery labels.  SO CUTE! Love how she is holding the banner to spell out Reese!
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Hershey Kiss Label
3.  Custom Embroidered Tank to match the invitation as well with the pink strips in the #3 and Dora holding Reese’s name in her banner! This was created by my dear friend Stephanie with Ashlyn Grace Designs!  She designed Reese’s shirt last year too! Love it!!
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Embroider Shirt by Ashlyn Grace Designs
4.  Custom Party Bag tag printable created by Connie from Measured by the Heart.  For this printable you can find it HERE.  I loved the added touch of this on each favor bag to say “Thanks” and still keeping with the personalized party details.
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Favor Bag tags
5.  Custom Dora Friends Cookies by my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Cookie designer, Cookie Coterie!  I cannot emphasize enough how well these work for party favors!  I get so tired of the cheap throw away toys that are out there.  I have worked with Cassie for almost a year now and I will always be inserting her beautiful creations in my favors bags!  They are so good that I always order extra so I have a stash of joy for myself left over!
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Custom Dora Friends Cookies-Favors
6.  Custom Dora Birthday cake made by my local baker BEST FRIEND Michelle from Hands on Design cakes.  Michelle never disappoints.  I sent her the image from Reese’s invitation, found another cake with adorable multicolored balls around it and voila! The cutest matching cake a girl could ask for at her party! Not only was this cake a perfect match, it was delicious as always!
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Details Custom Dora Cake
I asked Michelle to make some cupcakes for the kids so we could blow candles out on the cake above to take home for a celebration with family.   These turned out so cute too!
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Cupcakes

Lastly, was how to decorate for the party.  Since we were having it at Gymboree Play & Music I didn’t have a lot of room to work with as the majority of the party is set in the play room.  I kept it simple with Dora table covers and glass candy dishes filled with Dora fruit snacks. 
The Johanson Journey Dora Party Decoration
The party was a hit! The sweet personalized items made her party so special and I couldn’t have done it without the help of all those mentioned above.  If you thought there couldn’t be more to show about a party, tomorrow I’ll show the party in action! It was so crazy and fun!!

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Stacie said...

Ooooh, I love it all! And I agree, once you have your theme, everything just seems to flow together.

jaime said...

I love it all - that cake is gorgeous!!

Krystal said...

Now THAT's a party - just so you know, when I have to plan a party, I'm coming to you lady!!

Nicole said...

You sooo need to teach me secrets on party planning! I suck at it :) I'll bet this is one awesome party and of course Reese will remember it because you'll have pictures if nothing else!