It has become a routine each night to come home, eat dinner and then go in the backyard to play.  Sometimes we doodle with chalk, blow bubbles, test out new skate boarding tricks or simply chase each other around.

You can always count on me to have my phone handy when I see the kids are in a photogenic mood to capture the evening light and the kids and their crazy poses.  Reese was secretly practicing her dance moves which she will stop if you catch her doing it and refuses to show us a full example of what she is learning in dance.  Ryan was just having fun jumping around while Rayne was clinging to Erik’s leg while he was tending to weeds that I’ve ignored.

Here is my lil’ Sasafras playing with Ryan’s skateboard and striking a pose for me.IMG_0409IMG_0411IMG_0412IMG_0413IMG_0414IMG_0415
Ryan likes action shots!
Mid jumps, Erik calls us over to see that he has uncovered a nest for a baby bunny or squirrel.  We all rush over to see and of course we all want to get in there and touch it and see what’s there.  Our curiosity got the best of us so we started to slowly move the nest back and that’s when Ryan said he sees another baby.  Erik says he thinks he sees a 3rd baby and I’m telling you, this nest hole was tiny!  I can’t imagine how more than 1 baby would fit in there.  Ryan reached his hands down to lift a baby up. 
The look on Rayne’s face was priceless!  I joked that she was reacting to the sight of all the weeds in the garden but it was actually a reaction to the number of babies that started popping out.IMG_0428IMG_0423
My guess is that there were about 6 babies in that tiny lil’ hole under the cedar wood chips and weeds.  As they all climbed out in a scurry, I had the movie “Ratatouille” in my head thinking that the lil’ babies were all shrieking and actually speaking, “ABORT, ABORT!”  “Everyone run for the greenbelt and hide!” 

All of us were trying to catch one and Erik and I debated whether they were baby squirrels or baby bunnies.  I am team bunny but it really is hard to tell.  They were moving so fast…. Rayne was squealing and one of the babies was squealing, but they were SO DARN CUTE!!
They ran so fast as soon as we let them go and Ryan had the last one in his hands.  I wish I could have snapped the picture fast enough because he held him gently in his hands, pull him up to his face to say I love you and kissed his lil’ head before letting him go.  He is such a sweet boy.
I just hope the lil’ babies found their Mom or each other.  The Mom was no where to be found but my Aunt said in a Facebook message that usually the Mom’s don’t stick by the nest, they are out fighting predators.  I asked Erik to check the nest this morning to see if they came back and they were not there.  I hope they come back later in the day to regroup and bundle up again.  Its nice having the green belt behind our house to expose the kids to nature and fuzzy lil’ cottontails!

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Sarah Shumate said...

How cute! Baby bunnies are all over the place right now, so that's probably what you found, but it is rather hard to tell, isn't it?

Mrs. Match said...

Aw they look like bunnies to me. So cute! Definitely check on them, because I don't know if bunnies are like birds, and if you handle them the mama abandons them. But birds are a lot more finicky than bunnies. Or you may just end up with a family bunny pet! :-)

Emmy said...

Yea they look like bunnies to me too. Hope their mom does find them and they are okay. Love those poses! Look at that attitude ;)

becca said...

aw whatever it is it sure is adorable

Kristi Campbell said...

I vote bunnies! And what great photos.

Stacie said...

I was thinking squirrels, but whatever they are, they were cute! Love the kids' reactions!

Krystal said...

Rayne's reaction was priceless!! Loved it!!! And yeah, I think Bunnies but what do I know? I'm a water sprite - the closest I've come to a bunny is the easter pictures in the spring.

Nicole said...

I love that you guys hang out in the backyard like that. And how cute are those bunnies!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the super cute pictures! How awesome that you guys found all of those adorable baby bunnies! I wish we had more of a yard closer to the woods so we could have wildlife around :D
Hope you have an amazing weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!